IB Maths Tutors in Turkey

IB Maths Tutors in Turkey. IB elite Tutor is a premium and probably the only academy offering “Dedicated Tutoring for IB students Only”. We are providing the best IB Maths Tuition in Turkey with our team of highly experienced, highly qualified and skilled IB school teachers.

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    Salient Feartures of our IB Maths Tutors in Turkey

    1. Easily accessible IB Online Tutors from top IB world schools
    2. Regular and Punctual Tuition services with top professionals on a pre-scheduled date and time
    3. Timely syllabus completion, long before the actual deadline arises
    4. Detailed revision of whole syllabus to secure excellent exam performance
    5. Notes, PDF, Images, animations and powerpoint presentations to explain difficult problems /concepts
    6. Timely homework and its checking
    7. Test after each chapter, each unit, half syllabus and full syllabus
    8. Proper engagement of parents in the whole process
    9. Mock Tests and Past Year Paper Solving.

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