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IB Elite Tutor offers IB Tutors in Delhi who are trained, experienced, qualified, and passionate about their work. They feel pride in helping their students and “Developing a passion for learning” in their students. We provide IB tutors in Delhi and IB online tutors for IB DP, IB MYP, IGCSE, IB IA, TOK, SAT, and ACT. Our IB Tutors provide online and face-to-face tutoring on a ONE-ON-ONE basis.

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    We have been teaching students from all top IB schools of Delhi, NCR. Some of them are listed here-

    • Pathways Schools
    • The Shriram World School
    • Genesis Global School
    • Scotish High International schhol
    • American Embassy School
    • Heritage Xperiential Learning School
    • G. D. Goenka World School
    • Lancers International School & many more.

    You should seek help from our IB Tutors in Delhi –

    If you dislike how your school teachers teach or feel bored with it, you should schedule a free demo class with our IB tutors in Delhi. You will feel the difference. All our IB tutors use the latest technology, videos, PowerPoint presentations, graphs, and images to make the topic enjoyable and easy for you. This way, you can understand the concept well and score a seven on your exam.

    If you are not able to keep up with your school homework-

    Sometimes, school teachers teach their subjects at such a pace that it becomes almost impossible for students to keep up with them. Our IB tutors in Delhi can help you understand the topic taught in school so you don’t lag behind your friends in class performance. This way, you can also avoid the pile of un-understood topics. If you complete every topic at the same time it’s going on in school, you will also be best prepared for all class tests.

    If you fear that your school teacher will not be able to complete syllabus in time-

    It happens regularly. School teachers need more time to finish their syllabus. This is an alarming situation. You should immediately seek help. Our Delhi IB tutors will help you finish your syllabus long before the deadline. You will be able to revise your syllabus. In the remaining time, you can solve past papers app, ear in the Mock tests with your tutors, and get a firm grip on your subjects.

    If you are expecting a poor grade-

    If you are expecting a low grade in any particular subject, you should seek help from our IB tutors. They can help you understand the topic better, spend more time with you, and finish your syllabus long before the required time. After this, they will ask you to write mock tests and check them in your presence. This will help you to identify your mistakes and rectify them. All our IB tutors in Delhi are qualified, trained, and experienced professionals who know how to help a student improve his grade. So now you don’t have reasons to fear about your grades.

    If you want to have an in-depth knowledge of a subject-

    All our IB tutors are PhD or MPhils with vast experience helping IB students worldwide. They will help you solve past year’s papers and provide you with detailed notes on many difficult questions. They finish your syllabus long before your exam. This gives you much time to revise and answer extra questions, and all these efforts result in a deep understanding and knowledge of the subject. Our IB tutors motivate their students to excel in their subjects and get a seven, leading them on that path.

    Our IB Tutors in Delhi Offer-

    1. Experienced, qualified, and trained tutors—We provide experienced, qualified, trained, and passionate IB tutors in Delhi for IB DP, IB MYP, IB PYP, IGCSE, and SAT. They help their students in the best possible way through home and online tuition.

    2. 24*7 help- All our tutors are 24*7 ready to help their students. Tutors are always available to help with their doubts over WhatsApp, email, or any other mutually agreed method

    3. Technology-added teaching- Our tutors believe in technology-added teaching. They use videos and PowerPoint presentations to make the topic interesting. They use PDFs, images, and animations wherever required.

    4. Wide range of subjects- We offer IB tuition for all six groups and almost all the subjects of IB. We also offer help at IB MYP, IB PYP, IGCSE, A & AS, and O-level. So you need not worry and quickly get all tutors in one place. This creates more trust and accountability between the service provider and the customers

    5. Regular and rigorous testing- All our IB tutors take three levels of testing. First, they take a chapter-end test to check whether the students have understood the topic. They take the Unit test after completion of three chapters. After this half-syllabus test and Full-syllabus Mock test. These tests allow you to revise extensively and score a seven on your exam

    6. Timely Feedback- Timely feedback is provided to all stakeholders so that they are well aware of their ward’s performance and can take corrective measures in case of any difficulty.

    7. Assured service—Our IB tutors in Delhi provide assured service through the timely delivery of tuition classes, practical testing, and feedback.

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    Cost-Effective IB Tutors in Delhi-
    • Free demo session- IB MYP, IB PYP, IGCSE, A & AS level and O-level provide one-hour FREE DEMO class for all subjects. You have to pay us nothing for this one hour of teaching. You only pay if you are satisfied with the service and you wish to continue.
    • Affrordable price- We offer most cost-effective online and face to face tuitions. You get the best service in the most affordable price.
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