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IB Chemistry EE Tutors

Our IB Chemistry EE tutors are the comprehensive guide that unveils all the secrets of success. So, you can easily attain a perfect score in your IB Chemistry extended essay. The purpose of this article is to guide the development of an idiosyncratic IB Chemistry EE with the help of expert IB Chemistry EE tutors.

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It is an opportunity for you to investigate a specific area of the components of our environment. It must contain 4000 words that highlight the particular aspects of the chemistry subject. You have to follow the following criteria to make your EE staggering:

Criterion A: Focus & Method (6 points): The Essential Criteria for Success in IB Chemistry EE

Your RQ must be focused and coherent. It would help if you took advantage of this opportunity to showcase your idea that connects to the real-world issue properly. It must be relevant to your field of study, for instance, “What gas evolves when zinc is added to copper (II) sulfate solution, and what factors affect its formation?”

Criterion B: Knowledge & Understanding (6 points): What You Need to Know to Score High?

In the introduction, you must understand the chemical theory that helps you adequately explain the research question. Apart from this, it would help if you introduced your topic through:

  • Basic background information.
  • Describe real-life application.
  • Incorporate techniques used in your industry that you have chosen.
  • Give reasons why you chose this area of research.
  • Relate your existing knowledge of Chemistry with your research question.

Criterion D: Knowledge of the Topic (6 points): Tips from the IB Chemistry EE Tuition -It would help if you showcased your understanding of Chemistry behind the context of your research question. Moreover, incorporate fundamental chemistry of the necessary concepts that help make your EE stupendous.

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Criterion F: Skill Evaluation & Application Analysis

It is necessary to engrave a thorough understanding of all the data you used to support all your arguments. Furthermore, investigates systematic flaws or inadequate experimental design. And you must verify your data with secondary sources or by direct calculations. Don’t forget to provide reasons behind all your assumptions. 

Criterion G: Choice of Language

It would help if you used the correct terminologies and nomenclature of Chemistry effectively in your essay. Also, use relevant chemical formulas, balanced equations, and mechanisms.  

Criterion H: Conclusion

The conclusion must be related to and adequately summarised to your research question. Also, include some suggestions for your research issue.

Criterion I: Presentation

Ensure your presentation contains the recommended structure of your IB Chemistry EE given by IBO. It must meet the academic standards of the research. For instance, title page, table of contents, page numbers, etc. Remember that your EE looks presentative with the help of graphs, figures, diagrams, tables, formulas, equations, and calculations. So, don’t forget to incorporate them wisely.

Criterion J: Abstract

Give proper clearance on the summary of the study and your essay. 

Criterion K: Comprehensive Judgment

All three reflections are necessary to be incorporated. 

  • Intellectual initiative
  • Insight & depth of understanding
  • Originality & creativity

Keep ahead and pay attention to all the above criteria. It is essential to build an awe-inspiring EE. Also, our IB Chemistry EE tutors ensure that your EE is up to the mark and contains all the criteria of IB. 

Expert guidance is essential for students to develop and discover their vocational, educational, and psychological potentialities. Moreover, young minds need guidance that helps them polish their personalities through expert tutors.

And we know most students need help understanding how to use various elements of the IB EE. Here are IB Chemistry EE tutors guide you on how to craft a brilliant EE through:

  • Substantiate your hypothesis effectively.
  • Incorporate the theory behind your experiment. 
  • Briefly explain your findings convincingly.
  • Clear and concise methodology.
  • Plan out the timeframe for all your work.
  • Acknowledge standard and consistent referencing style.

First of all, our tutors help you choose a research question that is narrow enough and broad enough. For instance, “How can we assess the amount of oil contamination on the beaches?”

Then our tutors help you in:

  • Fulfilling assessment requirements.
  • Identifying the topic that interests you.
  • Identifying knowledge gaps in developing a relevant research question.
  • Considering the scope of your selected topic.
  • Conducting more focused research that is suitable for selecting a unique RQ.

A few examples of research questions

  • Fabricating biodiesel from waste vegetable oil.
  • Extraction of caffeine from tea.
  • Evaluating the gases left after burning a candle in a gas jar.

In conclusion, our tutors set clear goals that meet the IB standards.

The research is beneficial in making your career in the field of Chemistry. It also provides lifelong learning opportunities. You can become:

  • Forensic expert
  • Chemical engineer
  • Waste management professional
  • Quality control chemist
  • Biochemist
  • And many more

So, appropriately investigate your IB Chemistry EE to develop investigation skills and give wings to your career. Never hesitate to ask for help. 

IB Chemistry EE tutors aid you in making your extended essay great through personalized guidance and support throughout your research. Our coaches are successful tutors who have problem-solving strategies. 

Our tutors strengthen your subject comprehension, escalate your learning skills, and boost your confidence. Your struggle while writing IB Chemistry EE is not yours. It is ours, and we stay with you until you can easily compose a compelling IB Chemistry EE.

 So, don’t wait for the right time. Just drop us a call or a message and start your EE journey with us today!!!