Pros and Cons of IB Diploma Program

Pros and Cons of IB Diploma Program are really interesting to know. IB Elite Tutor has a vast team of teachers who have been tutoring IB prpgram since many years. Here are a few insights by our teachers so that we all can understand pros and cons of IBDP. 

Pros &  Cons of IB Diploma Program 

  1. Students of 11th and 12th select the IB Diploma program for the age group of 16th to 19th. It is a very important part of a student’s education because students select their professional field in class 11th.
  2. So they choose the subjects of their choice which they will continue as their career later on. So the first and most important thing to remember while choosing the IB Diploma program is to select the stream which is rightly suitable for you.
  3. New to the IB Diploma program might need clarification about subjects and their rules and regulation. IB Diploma program offers 6 subjects and students choose these subjecs at two levels.
  4. The first level is HL or higher level. And the second level is SL or standard level. There are 6 groups of subjects given, and students have to select three subjects for HL and three for SL.
  5. Students should remember that they should select the subjects they will select for their professional field or career from the HL group, and the other three subjects they can choose from SL.
  6. For example, if a student is interested in maths and Science, he should select maths, physics and chemistry as their HL subjects, and students can select other languages and art subjects for SL.

Pros and Cons of IB Diploma Program Assessment criteria

  • There is a grading system of 45 where each subject carries 1 to 7 marks. There are 6 subjects, and the total grading will be 42. Three marks grading is for creative essays and other activities.
  • But students should remember that these three marks grading have good impotence on the overall performance evaluation. Students should not take it lightly and give their 100% effort in this 3-mark grading.
  • There is a 1-7 grading system for all subjects. One is the poorest, and the Seven is the highest mark in a subject. Students must score at least 24 grades to attend the next class.
  • There are two types of assessment. Internal assessment is done by the teachers who are teaching students. It may be an assignment presentation, research work or discussion.
  • External assessment is done by other school teachers who are unknown to students. Three marks grading of the core subject is also very important. There are extended essays and theories of knowledge.
  • Where students have to appear in the exam. Students have to write 400 words essay, which should be based on students’ knowledge and full understanding.
  • There is great importance on core marks, and it greatly affects students’ overall performance. Creative action services are also included in a core subject. Many things are included in the cash or creative action services.

Aim and teaching methodologies

  • IB provides a strong curriculum to prepare children for their future. Its curriculum is application based, and all the subjects from all over the world are included.
  • The main purpose of IB is to prepare confident students who are ready to work globally, and various activities, assignments, and experiments, along with exams, are used to assess students’ capabilities in the field of education.
  • The purpose of IB is to prepare confident and capable citizens for the world. IB’s well-planned teaching methodologies enable children to be confident and motivated to achieve their goals. But if you are planning to opt for IB only because you are abroad and want to choose a different board for your education needs to be corrected for you. It would help if you kept in mind that this is a higher level of learning and you need to prepare yourself for this.

Other Creative Work Assignments

  • There are a lot of creative work analysis research assignments, reading, and speaking included in the curriculum to create all-rounder students for society. Children have experience doing a study with the help of real-life examples, including vocational information.
  • Children learn many things that happen in their surroundings and prepare themselves to work as a society in the future. They also decide on their professional career according to their interest area. There are lots of options available for children according to their interests. Several subjects are there for children, and they can after the subject of their choice.
  • There is no burden of studying a subject in which you have no interest. As we the discussion, you can understand that IB is not related to rot learning, and students find it difficult because there is a continuous assessment process on the IB board.
  • Throughout the year, you will have many assessments like assignments, reading, research work, tests and term-wise examinations. Students need to find them free, which is why they find it difficult. However, it is also a fact that it prepares children for their future and brings all-round development in their personality.
  • If we talk about languages, IB provides all the languages which are provided worldwide in the syllabus. Students choose their mother tongue as their first language, and they also select a one-second language. The level of the first language is difficult. 
A global organization for preparing global citizen 
  1. IB Diploma program is globally recognized and accepted by many universities worldwide. There are more than 100 schools of IB in India. Students will not have to face any problems if they choose. I will be diploma program for their 11th and 12th.
  2. They will easily get admission to any college globally because it is globally recognized. IB provides a very good environment for children to think outside the book. Students use their creativity and imagination power. It is related to something other than the book being knowledge.
  3. It enables students to be creative and innovative. IB provides n environment for children where they bring their talent out and do not believe in remembering and learning only old concepts.
  4. IB focuses on students understanding the concept from a basic, and they should have complete knowledge about their subject. The focus of IB Diploma program focuses on learning the concepts.
  5. There are a few limitations too. The timing of exams and results are different from IGCSE and CBSE. So students might need help getting admission to colleges. 

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