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    • Advanced Placement Chemistry is not considered among the accessible courses. Therefore, it is known to have less participation test rate.
    • Hence, it gets challenging for the students to coordinate with this subject. Although, these students require AP Chemistry Tutor Online to acquire good grades.
    • On the other hand, AP Chemistry is also challenging because it requires good command of the fundamentals. However, fundamental students must have an excellent approach to maths.
    • Consequently, students consider it an overwhelming subject although, they need to memorize a considerable amount of materials.
    • Additionally, they need to develop fast cognitive skills to compare the theory with real-life situations. 
    • Indeed, some students have good understanding skills of the concepts. Still, they will require AP Chemistry tutor.
    • Besides, they might have some questions that didn’t get anticipate in the examination.
    • However, the teacher or guide at the school sprint with the topics to complete the syllabus. Therefore, they forgot to make the subject fun.
    • Accordingly, they fail to add it to their dilemma. In conclusion, our AP Chemistry Tutor Online help the students and guide them to study intellectually.
    • Moreover, we provide well-qualified and experienced tutors to the students.

    Advanced Placement or AP provide High School students an opportunity to score well in the test and earn credit for their college admissions. It also allow students to give themselves an exposure of high grade college level study matrial. Thus they can benefit themselves in both ways.

    In total, there exists 38 different tests for Advanced Placements. All are a bit different from each other. But majority of AP exams offer a combination of Multiple choice questions, short questions and long questions. Every test has a different diffficulty level.
    Here are a few tests that are considered easy-

    • AP US Government and Politics.
    • AP Environmental Science.
    • AP Human Geography.
    • AP Human Geography.
    • AP Comparative Government and Politics.
    • AP Psychology.

    There are different tests targeting different group of students. Some students sit for the test after grade 10 while majority of them write it after their  11th or 12th. Age limit for the test is 21 years. Its maily a test that helps students to secure a seat in a US or Canadian college. 

    Advanced Placement tests are scored out of a maximum of 5. Passing score is 3. Average AP score in 2019 was only 2.9. Usually AP students sit from 3 to 5 tests. But it totally depends upon the course you are ghunting for. 

    Yes, It's true. Advanced Placement Chemistry is a very difficult course to study. It covers a vast syllabus and has a topic with a significant difficulty level. Many students write the AP Chemistry exam, but only a few can finish.

    No. of Students Scores in AP ChemistryStudents’ %
    29,016 1 19.9 %
    34,913 2 24 %
    39,135 3 26.9 %
    27,012 4 18.6 %
    15,464 5 10.0 %
    Table – AP Chemistry Test Success Rate 2020 (Souce: AP College Board )

    Understand AP Chemistry with AP Chemistry Tutor Online?

    AP Chemistry is a high-school course offered by the college board. Although, it allows students to acquire proficiency in their freshman year of college and earn college credit. Furtherly, by opting AP chemistry course, students can enhance their skills in chemical concepts, safety procedures, and lab techniques. Briefly, students undertaking this course are required to apply six science practices in the whole year that are:

    1. Models and representations
    2. Questions and methods
    3. Representing data and phenomena
    4. Model analysis
    5. Mathematical routines
    6. Augmentation

    AP Chemistry Exam Format

    First SectionTime limit is 90 minsYou need to answer 60 mcq questions without using Calculator50% of total marks
    Second SectionTime Limit is 105 mThis section has three long and four short response questions. You can use calculaton in this section50% of total marks
    Table – Advanced Placement Exam Pattern

    The exam pattern is divided into two following parts:

    1. Multiple choice questions: specifically, this section is a set of 60 related questions based on the theory.
    2. Free-response questions: This section contains a set of (3+4) questions based on the six science skills practice throughout the year.
    Entire AP Chemistry Syllabus is divided in nine different Units
    1. Atomic Structure and Properties
    2. Molecular and Ionic Compound Structure and Properties
    3. Intermolecular Forces and Properties
    4. Chemical Reactions
    5. Kinetics
    6. Thermodynamic
    7. Equilibrium
    8. Acids and Bases
    9. Applications of Thermodynamics

    On the other hand, the AP Chemistry concept consists of the following topics that include: Compounds and ions, Balancing chemical equations, Thermodynamics, Molecular compositions, Chemical equilibrium, Electrolytic cells and compositions, Chemical reactions, Electronic structure of atoms. It also includes Bohr’s model of the hydrogen atom, Enthalpy and Entropy, Periodic table, Dot structure and molecular geometry, Hybridization and hybrid orbitals, Mixtures and solutions, Titrations, Electrochemistry, Gases and kinetic molecular theory, Spectrophotometry, Oxidation-reduction reactions, Reaction rates and rate laws, Mixtures and solutions, Stoichiometry and limiting reagent stoichiometry, etc.

    Why choose our AP Chemistry tutor?
    • Specifically, we offer you knowledgeable tutors so that challenging problems don’t create conflict for your preparation.
    • Besides excelling the theoretical knowledge, our AP Chemistry Tutor Online ensure to enrich the analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Beyond the punctuality, our tutors ensure to complete the syllabus before the time so that you will get enough time for revision and your queries.
    • On the contrary, our AP Chemistry Tutor Online are highly flexible. Therefore, provide tutoring sessions as per your comfort. 
    • They create a friendly environment with the students so that you can share your doubt without any fear.
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