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Hey, are you stunned? And need to learn how to achieve a perfect seven score in the IB Physics EE. Do not worry; this article provides detailed suggestions and examples to help you write an awe-inspiring Physics EE. So you can easily acquire a top score. Let’s begin to understand how to write a research question that will blow your professor’s mind.

IB Physics EE Tutors

When you think about IB Physics EE, then you get nightmares. We know IB Physics EE is a very arduous task, and your EE must really be up to the mark to get good grades. So, our IB Physics EE tutors guide you step-by-step on how to acquire 34/34 in it.

Online extended Essay Tutors

Let’s first explore the IB Physics EE curriculum and then tell you how our IB Physics EE tutors are the game changers for you to help you write an appealing IB Physics EE.

Explore its Peculiar Landscape with our IB Physics Extended Essay Tutors

All IB DP students must write a 4000-word extended essay on any IB Physics topic that interests them. And also, it contains:

  • Provide background information on the problem that you selected.
  • The brief description of the idea that you get from.
  • Clarify all the terms and formulas you are using.
  • The hypothesis.
  • Technical data, experiment variables, and data collection.
  • Graphs and analysis.
  • Evaluation and conclusion.

Apart from the above, you have to pay attention to all the IB Physics EE criteria given by IBO.

Criterion A: Method & Focus (6 points)

IBO told you that the title of the essay must:

  • Reflect on the spirit of your investigation.
  • Coherently describe the topic or aim of your essay on your own.
  • Not to be irrelevantly stretched.
  • If necessary, you can clarify early in your essay.
  • Have some uniqueness from your research question.
  • In the form of a statement.

Criterion B: Understanding and knowledge (6 points)

  • Your essay must clearly show an understanding of Physics with the help of the evidence.
  • All the sources that you select must be relevant to the RQ and adequately demonstrate your knowledge.
  • Show your understanding of physics with the help of terminologies and appropriate definitions.
  • Throughout the essay, you can use symbols that properly showcase the context of the situation.
  • Annotated diagrams are handy tools for communication in your essay, so use them wisely.

Critical thinking Criteria C (12 points)

  • You can use mathematics as a tool to demonstrate your critical thinking in your essay.
  • Properly manipulate all the significant digits, uncertainties, propagation of errors, etc.
  • You must properly evaluate the validity and reliability of your data and information that you have collected from various sources.
  • Your personal views must be supported by logical arguments that engage your readers.
  • You must avoid straightforward descriptive or narrative accounts that do not contain a proper analysis. 

Criterion D: Presentation (4 points)

  • You must provide informative headings through sections and subsections that properly structure your EE.
  • Your summary must be in procedural steps rather than structured in a very disorganized way.
  • Graphs, tables, or figures must be labelled correctly and have good graphic quality.
  • Highlight the most suitable aspects that are related to your argument.
  • The bibliography must be demonstrated in a standard format.
  • Enhance the quality of your presentation by the title page, table of contents, page numbers, etc.

Criterion E: Engagement (6 points)

It would help if you reflected on the following things:

  • The approaches and the strategies that you have chosen to make your essay distinctive.
  • Develop approaches to learning skills that help you as a learner.
  • The conceptual understanding that you developed in your research.
  • Challenges that you are faced during your research and how you overcome them.
  • The questions that emerged during your research.

All these criteria help you build an appealing IB Physics EE. So, be attentive to them. Now, move on to the challenges that you are facing while writing your IB Physics EE and how our tutors help you overcome them!

Challenges Encountered by Students & the Role of IB Physics EE Tutors

We know students encountered many challenges while writing IB Physics EE. For instance:

  • Finding scientific papers or research on your IB Physics topic.
  • How to build a mathematical model and experiment with it?
  • How to cite the work and find appropriate references?
  • How do we analyze, discuss, and investigate Physics concepts properly?
  • How do you generate a focused research question?

So, these are the fundamental challenges that students face, and these are the solutions that IB Physics EE tutors provide:

Unconventional approaches

Start your unconventional writing journey with our unconventional approaches. Our IB Physics EE tutors prepare you in a very hands-on and practical way for your research. Also, help in how to create an interesting topic for research that meets all the IB guidelines. 

Inspirational teaching

Our IB Physics EE tutors are your guide to setting goals, organizing your time, and communicating with you effectively. So, you can become independent and responsible to self-direct your research. And acquire a better understanding of what you are doing. Also, relate your research to the current knowledge of the topic.

Problem-solving techniques

Most of the time, students are stuck in solving problems. And how to construct and operate the data that they collected. So, our IB Physics tutors provide essential supplements that help them to measure appropriately:

  • Independent variable
  • Dependent variable
  • Controlled variables

Pushing our boundaries

Our tutors pushed their boundaries to help you back up your claims of the scientific information that you wrote. And how to set up experiments to measure lengths, increments, etc. Also, make sure to compile your results into your processed and raw data table.

Academic breakthrough

Our IB Physics tutor’s systematic approach makes your research up to the mark. They evaluate your research to make it error-free. And help you make an appealing conclusion that contains the following:

  • Summary of your findings.
  • Possible trends.
  • Relate it with background information.
  • Suggestions of the problem that you are considering.
Some IB Physics EE ideas that help you to create your focused research question.
  • Physics of roller coasters
  • Physics of sound
  • Physics of wind power
  • Physics of electric motors
  • Physics of solar energy
  • Physics of buoyancy

We embrace personal interests and passion that help you in writing a unique IB Physics EE. We constantly evolve ourselves and break free ourselves from conventional structures. Our prominent faculty of IB Physics EE tutors always demystify the purpose of IB EE. So, you can quickly get 34/34 in your EE.

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