Why is it easier for IBDP Students to get Ivy League Admission

Ivy League admissions rate is almost 18 % higher for IBDP students than for other populations. But this is not the result of some magic or some trick. It’s only because of the result of overall developments for the students that the IB Diploma program offers. International Baccalaureate (IB) is the best way to get admission to your dream university. Why is it so? And how IB helps you to get Admission to Your Dream University? In this article, our Ivy League Tutors will find answers to all these questions for you. And acquire admission to your dream university with the help of IB.

How can IBDP Program be helpful for your Ivy League Admissions? 

IB Diploma is a prestigious and internationally recognized high school program for students who seek reputable universities for further studies. It has a wide field or departments according to the student’s interests. So, they can choose which is a good fit for them and makes them assets for international academic universities. 

How Various Components of IB Improve Your Chances of Admission to Your Dream University?

International mindedness is essential for getting into a dream university and building a better future. So, IB helps in it by concentrating on What students have learned and sets a benchmark by providing the following:

  • Rigorous and independent study
  • Different cultural perspectives 
  • Inquiry, reflection, and action on globally and locally important issues
  • Global solutions
  • Inquisitiveness and interpretation
  • Analytical writing
  • Strong academic skills
  • Flexible teaching hours
  • Challenging curriculum
  • Experiential learning
  • Professional study material
  • Homework and assignment help

Why is IBDP Program Ideal for The Ivy League Admissions?

IB Diploma provides academic success or academic excellence with the help of: Right Subject Choice

  1. IB has a diverse range of subjects and interests. So, students choose those subjects about which they are passionate.
  2. Apart from this, it provides six subject groups, and learners can choose according to their interests. So, in their undergraduates, they hone their skills and learn how to explore easily with the help of IB. 
  3. On the other hand, various choices of languages and courses help you to make yourself eligible for the desired university.
  4. See all the requirements attentively before enrolling in any IB course. And take care of the future benefits of that course as well.  

Benefits offered by IB TOK, IB EE, IB CAS & IB IA for Ivy League Admissions

  1. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is the curriculum in the IB DP that help learners to make theoretical and practical connections with the subject. And also became a critical thinker to gain skills in interlinking between the chosen subject and real life.
  2. In other words, IB TOK allows students to make thoughtful and purposeful inquiries into various kinds of knowledge. It is assessed by 1,600 words essay and an exhibition.
  3. Every IB DP learner must write an awe-inspiring research paper of up to 4,000 words. And show organizational skills and independent research properly.
  4. EE helps students develop writing, research, communication, and cognitive skills. Also, EE enhances the analytical skills that most universities require for various courses.
  5. But remember that if you want to be admitted to the course in which you want to make a career, write EE in that subject.
  6. As a reason for that, it increases your chance of getting admission to your dream university for that subject. 
  7. Most universities look for those students that are engaged in extra-curricular activities. And IB’s creativity, action, service (CAS) is a great tool to get admission to the universities you want.
  8. It gives a different perspective on the world when you throw yourself into creative tasks, leadership roles, challenging projects, etc.
  9. In other words, you also have to acquire knowledge with the help of direct experience or creative activities. And deal with the problems in a very distinctive way. 
  10. Internal assessment, aka IA, help every IB learner to understand the subject curriculum. And it establishes a unique approach toward a subject. If you want a positive university response, make your IA report illustrious.

Why is IB Diploma Program Distinctive?

Universities in the US or worldwide want learners that resolve global challenges. So, IB encourages every learner and makes them capable for them. Also, the key aim of IB is that every learner communicates with the world confidently.  IB also prepares you for all international academic communities around the world. And you easily get admission to the topmost universities worldwide.

How is the IB Learner Profile helpful for Ivy League Admissions?

IB learner profile makes you:

  • Open-minded: IB appreciates others’ values and traditions as well as their personal histories and cultures. And also give respect to all points of view and experiences.
  • Risk-takers: IB approaches new ideas and innovative strategies to work cooperatively and independently. And also determines the changes and challenges that every IB learner faces.
  • Inquirers: IB enhances skills of inquiry, curiosity, and research. And also encourage learners to learn collaboratively as well as independently. 
  • Thinkers: IB takes responsible action in a very creative and critical manner on different complex problems. And also take the initiative to make ethical decisions.
  • Principled: IB acts honestly and integrally towards the rights of people. And also incorporate fairness and justice in all the actions they take for the people’s dignity. 
  • Reflective: IB thought that understanding weaknesses and strengths is important. So, they support students’ learning to do personal development. 
  • Communicators: IB expresses their views confidently in more than one language. And also work collaboratively to understand the perspectives of individuals and other groups.  
  • Knowledgeable: IB nurtures a conceptual understanding of different disciplines. And also take part in those issues that have some global and local importance. 
  • Caring: IB shows compassion, empathy, and respect. And also commits to acting positively, serving others, and making a difference in the world around us. 
  • Balanced: IB comprehends the significance of physical, emotional, and intellectual balancing in our lives. And also, those aspects help IB to identify interdependence on the world and with other people.
In a Nutshell

In conclusion, IB is the pathway that makes you a responsible citizen and an independent learner. It is curriculum is designed in a way that you can reflect on globally significant issues. And undoubtedly, make you capable of the universities you are looking for. IB never disappoints you and educates you to deal with global challenges. And enable you to study with people of different backgrounds and communicate with them effectively. 

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