How to Get Good Marks in IGCSE Business Studies?

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Significant components that help you to get good marks in IGCSE Business studies

 IGCSE Business Studies is the trickiest subject because you have to deal with different business ideas. So, Our IGCSE Business Studies Tutors to focus on everything that helps you ace the IGCSE Business Studies. And try to learn and understand. Don’t just only study to pass the exam. First thing you need to do to get good marks in IGCSE Business Studies is to get a good understanding about your syllabus. IGCSE Business Studies consists of 6 chapters:

  • People in Business
  • Financial decisions and information
  • Understanding business activity
  • Operations management
  • External influences on business activity
  • Marketing

So, go through each chapter and understand how businesses are classified into different categories. And also learn different types of business objectives, business organization, and stakeholder objectives. Keep endeavor how businesses are managed and organized.   

Ask questions, do mind mapping & be aware of the exam pattern

Don’t hesitate to ask your teachers, friends, or tutors. As a reason for that, you expand your knowledge as much as you ask questions. And also, it will help you to get in-depth knowledge of every concept. The more you ask, the more you improve your analytical skills. 

  1. Do mind-mapping: You can visually connect each concept and remember that easily with the help of mind-mapping. Pick out any topic and do mind-mapping. It helps you to build connections from one topic to another. And also helps you to understand the entire chapter at once. 
  2. Get aware of the exam pattern: Before preparing, look at the exam format & duration of IGCSE Business studies.
  3. All the candidates have to give 2 papers (Paper 1 & Paper 2).
  4. Paper 1 contains short answer and data response questions & has a time limit of 1 hour & 30 minutes. It carries 80 marks which means 50% weightage. 
  5. Paper 2 contains a case study & has a time limit of 1 hour & 30 minutes. It carries 80 marks which means 50% weightage.
  6. Each paper has its value. So, could you pay attention to their weightage? And start preparing according to that. Make sure that you have to manage your time wisely.
  7. The more you discipline yourself, the more chances you get an A* in the IGCSE Business Studies. 

Recall, revise & make your own notes

You can’t perceive what you learned without revising. So, keep recalling with the help of flashcards, quizzes, mock tests, and other revision techniques. While making your notes, highlight points that have any significance in the chapter. So, at the time of the revision, you easily search out essential points and learn them. For instance, what are the different techniques to motivate a workforce, the different methods of effective external and internal communication, etc.Note-making is the best way to learn each concept in a step-by-step manner. And understand all the fundamental principles of Business Studies.

Fulfill assessment objectives

IGCSE proffers assessment objectives. So, all the students concentrate on each of them and make sure to fulfill them through:

  • Exhibit knowledge and understanding of all the key terms, facts, theories, techniques, conventions, and concepts applied to businesses.  
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of all theories, facts, techniques, etc.
  • Give a difference between opinion and evidence in a business context.
  • Using suitable methodologies, analyze, interpret, and order information in numerical, narrative, and graphical forms.
  • Present reasonable arguments, explanations, and implications, then show inferences.
  • Fabricate recommendations, decisions, and judgments. 
  • Pay attention to command words: You cannot lose marks if you correctly understand the meaning of command words. So, give your extra time to command words and learn their meanings. 
  • Get familiarized with the marking scheme:It is the most significant thing you must get familiar with. If your question is 6 markers, then give only 6 points. If it is 5 markers, give 5 points, and so on. And remember that don’t give irrelevant information. You only waste your time.
  • Practice past year papers: Practice is the key to success. The more you practice, the more you acknowledge yourself. And stand out how much you know about any topic? So, practice at least the last 10 years’ past papers. Identify your mistakes. And correct them. 
  • Get help from other resources:You can learn from anywhere in this online world. So, take advantage of YouTube as well as online resources. Apart from this, if you need guidance at any point in your studies, get help from our IGCSE Business studies tutors. 
Some tips for writing answers effectively.

Students have to give papers 1 & paper 2. In which they have to write short answers, data response questions, and a case study. So, engrave a unique writing style and follow these tips to get a good score on both papers. 

  • Start with writing a definition that clearly defines the given term. It must be a one-liner or a few words.
  • Underline keywords and then explain your answer with the help of using them. 
  • Try to understand what your question asked. Then write features, advantages, reasons, factors, etc. 
  • Include recommendations, evidence, and rejection.
  • An excellent point of view is necessary when writing a perfect answer.
  • Examiner analyzes your strategies and points out your mistakes. So, focus on all the factors and provide a justified recommendation.
  • Don’t repeat sentences or words. It seems that you don’t have any knowledge about the topic.
  • Make sure your answers are free from grammatical errors. Could you not take it for granted?
  • Use synonyms to write appealing answers. 
  • Maintain a balance while elaborating or giving advantages/disadvantages of something. Don’t overwrite.
  • Make relevancy and give authentic information.
  • Use connectors like simultaneously, despite, this means, etc. So, it makes connectivity within sentences, and the examiner understands your views quickly.
  • Manage your time while writing any answer.
Let’s recall

Take time and do your best. Don’t chase perfection, and do not forget to improve yourself daily. You don’t know what the right time when your hard work is appreciated is. So, practice daily. Someday it will be worth it. Don’t give up. When you feel tired, take a rest and do some exercise. Just focus on your results. What you dream, you can achieve. You only have to work hard and also work smart. Good Luck!

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