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SAT Tutoring for IB Students. IB Elite Tutor is probably the only service provider offering services focused on IB Board students only. We are offering IB Home Tutors and Online IB Tutors since 2010. IB Elite Tutor has also started offering SAT Tutoring for IB Students. We are providing Online SAT tutoring in almost all parts of the world. You can get services from or SAT tutors in Delhi, SAT tutors in Mumbai, SAT tutors in Gurgaon, SAT tutors in Riyad, SAT tutors in San Diago, SAT tutors in NYC, SAT tutors in Lahore, SAT tutors in ct, sat tuition in Kuala Lumpur, SAT tuition in Shimla

  SAT Tutoring for IB students

Our highly experienced and qualified faculties are taking SAT classes for IB students. The focus of our faculty is on reading and writing skills of students. They aim to get a student pass this entrance exam paper and to get admission in their dream college and study abroad. Our IB tutors are experts in every subject of the SAT exam. They are having 10+ years of teaching experience for guiding students for SAT exam preparation. The focus of our IB tutors is to work on student’s concepts; they make student’s basics super strong and develop a base in all SAT concepts that enable a student to improve quickly from answering easy questions to the tougher questions.

sat tutoring for ib students

Structure of SAT Tutoring For IB Students

SAT exam has two papers :

Subject Test/Paper

Subject-based tests are taken to test the skills of a candidate in a specific area of interest. The weight of this test is decided according to the school a candidate is targeting. If you focus on a high-rank school, your required weight will go high; otherwise, it may be down.

General Test/Paper

General SAT/paper one is usually a standard test for all the candidates. It is your main challenge to get an admission in a reputed college. You must be aware that the exam pattern for the SAT changed in March 2016. This test is mainly focused on reading, writing, and Mathematical skills of a candidate. The maximum possible score for each English & Mathematics is 1600. It is equally divided for both. You can also get sub-scores for reading, writing, and Mathematics on a scale from 10-40. You get marks for your essays on a level of 2-8.

A candidate receives his/her raw score based on these parameters. Sat uses the difficulty level of question you answered to provide you a final score. Besides this, some secret parameters are also used by the SAT to give you a final score. These hidden parameters are called Equating.

Help from Our Sat Tutors

We offer Sat Tutoring online and also SAT tutoring classes for home. We only offer SAT tutoring for IB students. This makes our SAT tuition classes very unique in its own way.

SAT exam is very much tricky. It is an extraordinary test which requires knowledge as well as tricks to solve any questions. Our IB tutors help students to crack these types of tricky problems of the SAT Exam. Sat exam is time-bounded, so that’s why our IB tutors help students to use shortcuts so that they can easily manage their time and students can give extra time to solve tougher questions.

Our IB tutors deliver their lectures through Powerpoint presentations in which they include pictures and graphs which make them interactive. IB tutors give students shortcuts and tricks to solve tough and lengthy questions

The study material for the preparation of SAT Exam

Our IB tutors offer a complete schedule to the students. The table contains the details of the lecture plan within the class, pre-class, and plan for after classes. Our IB tutors provide study material to the students with this schedule. The schedule is important to get up to date yourself with the lessons. Study material contains previous year SAT exam papers, a question bank, maths formulae’s. Our IB tutors help students to learn critical concepts and familiarize yourself with the SAT exam pattern and common question types.

Exam series for SAT Tutoring for IB Students

First of all, our SAT Tutoring for IB Students does a diagnostic exam to judge the student’s strong and weak subjects or topics. After that, our SAT Tutoring for IB Students divide students based on this diagnostic exam and make small groups of similar students and give them a lecture plan according to them. Our SAT Tutoring for IB Students conducts practice test series for scoring a particular score of 1500+ out of 1600 maximum marks in SAT Exam.

Our IB tutors do 15+ model paper series same as of SAT final exam and provide complete feedback to the students. SAT Tutoring for IB Students monitor every student’s progress and provide extra care for their performance. They give extra personal attention to weak students whose performance is not right in the model paper series. They make a separate group of vulnerable students and provide additional classes to them. We encourage students to get success in the SAT exam.

Special session/practice classes for preparation of SAT Exam

Our SAT Tutoring for IB Students provides continuous support to every student until they achieve a good score in the SAT exam. They conduct practice classes in which a lot of natural and tough questions of maths are solved. They attend practice classes for improving reading and writing skills. These practice classes help students to score good marks, and our SAT Tutoring for IB Students conducts distinctive targets boosting session. This session allows students to enhance their score by 80 to 100 points. The date of this session is very much close to the actual exam date of SAT exam.

IB tutors support after SAT Exam

Our IB tutors not only support students with the preparation of SAT exam but also provide continuous support with the admission procedure of a student in a college. They help students in clarifying their interviews, extra curriculum activities, submit transcripts, recommendation letter, etc.

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