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    IB Visual Arts Tutors

    1. The IB visual arts course encourages students to push their creative and cultural limits and expectations. It is a thought-provoking class where students learn analytical skills for solving problems and thinking differently.
    2. They also work on getting better at making art technically and building their confidence as artists. They are expected to participate in, experiment with, and think critically about a wide range of contemporary practices and media, as well as explore and compare visual arts from different points of view and in different contexts.
    3. The course is for students who want to study visual arts in college and those who want to learn about it for the rest of their lives.
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    Why should you choose our IB Visual Arts Tuition

    • IB Elite Tutor will assist you in learning the various processes involved in producing visual art and understanding how these processes have developed over time.
    • Investigate and try out a wide variety of mediums to develop artworks.
    • Gain an understanding of the ever-changing nature of the visual arts and educate yourself on the development and variety of art forms throughout history.
    • Acquire the self-assurance to share your ideas through your work.
    • Gain the ability to analyze and critique art by practicing these skills.
    • Our IB Visual Arts Tutors plan their students’ learning experiences carefully and actively so they can reach their full potential and meet the requirements of the course.
    • We guide students on how to use the tools they need to become skilled, independent, and well-informed visual artists.
    • IB Elite Tutor offers IB Visual Art Tutoring differently based on the student’s needs.
    • Our IB  Visual Arts Tutors know a lot about their subjects and have taught IB online lessons to thousands of students worldwide.

    We advise students to first understand the syllabus before they start preparation

     Students at the Standard Level (150 hours) are expected to sample various activities during the school year.

    • Media, techniques, procedures, and styles determine the areas of interest within those categories. They will begin to recognize recurring themes over time.
    • In their job and decide what area of focus they want to put their attention on. They will learn how to draw information from a variety of sources.
    • Perform independent research and appropriately cite sources within the scope of the subject area of Visual Arts.
    • Students will experience transporting ideas and methods from one place to another through various assignments directed by the teacher.
    • Utilizing what one knows from other fields as a source of inspiration for creative expression Take, for instance, the employment of a metaphor:
    • The analogy will be investigated in great detail not only as a means of communicating about and gaining an understanding of visual art but also as an in addition to serving as a motivational factor in its development.

    Students at the High Level (240 hours)

     should concentrate their work in one or two mediums and concentrate on putting together a robust, unified portfolio of artwork that investigates a “big idea,” focus area, or thesis in a way that demonstrates the artist’s ability to demonstrates a considerable amount of research and analysis into this topic area both in depth and breadth. Portfolios of quality should demonstrate their breadth. A series based on them is highly recommended, and they happen to be there most of the time.

    • Depth of labor, as well as an insightful examination of the various civilizations of the world.
    • The International Baccalaureate program suggests that the class comprises sixty percent of art output and forty percent of research connected to the arts.
    • Option A, for students interested in Art History and Research, the course will comprise sixty percent research.
    • And You will spend the remaining forty percent on art production (Option B).
    • The participation of students is required not only in educational field experiences but also in gallery shows.
    • Especially throughout their final year of high school.

    IB Visual Arts Exam Pattern for External assessment tasks

    • Task 1: A comparative analysis –The students investigate and evaluate a variety of artworks created by a variety of artists.
    • This independent inquiry provides a critical and contextual analysis of artworks, objects, and artifacts from various cultural backgrounds.
    • Comparing at least three different artworks, each of which was created by at least two different artists, with commentary spanning ten to fifteen pages is required for SL.
    • At the higher level, the same as the lower level, with the addition of a personal perspective on the degree to which any artists or works of art have influenced their work and practices studied (3–5 pages).
    • Task 2: Process portfolio is the second task-Throughout the two-year program, students are required to present objects that have been thoughtfully chosen to demonstrate their experimentation, research, manipulation, and refinement of a wide range of visual arts activities.
    • At SL: 9–18 pages. The work submitted should be in at least two forms of artistic expression.
    • At HL: 13–25 pages. Students should represent at least three distinct modes of artistic expression in the submitted work.       

    Task 3: Exhibition

    Students present for evaluation a curated selection of finished artworks from the show they have created. The chosen pieces should demonstrate the students’ technical achievement during the visual arts course and their comprehension of the concepts, materials, and procedures pertinent to visual communication.

    • At SL: four to seven works, each accompanied by an exhibition text. A curatorial rationale (400 words maximum).
    • There are eight to eleven pieces at HL, each with an accompanying exhibition narrative. A curatorial rationale (700 words maximum)

    How do we help you to understand the subject better?

    • Are there tests for the IB Visual Arts course?

    The IB Visual Arts Guide to the Final Exam is where you can find all the information you need for the examination. There is a divide between students who are evaluated at Standard Level and those who are evaluated at Higher Level, and this divide is based on the amount of time spent in the course.

    • What topics are covered in the IB Visual Arts course?

    Students will investigate and provide critical responses to the following topics as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Arts program:

    1. The aesthetic qualities of visual arts
    2. The relationship between form and meaning
    3. The social and cultural functions of visual arts
    4. The socio-cultural and historical contexts of other cultures. These are the goals of the program.
    • What exactly is the point of getting training in graphic arts?

    Making art is an integral element of being human since it allows us to express ourselves about the world and the time in which we live. Art can teach us about our history and culture as well as our own and others’ personal experiences in a way that no other medium can.

    • Can you give some instances of different visual arts?

    Ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking, and architecture are some art forms that fall under the visual arts category. Other visual art forms include architecture and photography.

    1. Students who choose to study with our IB Visual Arts Tutors have the advantage of studying at their own pace, which we know every student requires in their educational experience.
    2. They are taught at a level corresponding to their capacities for dealing with the material.
    3. Our IB Visual Arts Tutors offer well-researched, real-world examples with interesting visual inputs to help them improve their knowledge base and realize their potential. Every day, our instructors and technical support staff members are accessible to aid students with any academic challenges they may face.

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