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Few more tips for IB Tutors

few more tips for IB Tutors. We want to provide some suggestions to all IB Online Tutors so that they can effectively manage their tutoring sessions and deliver in a better way. But, It is such a huge topic that it’s almost impossible to cover it in one single post. So I have to continue it in the second post too. here are a few more tips to make IB tuition sessions more effective and result oriented. These are the tips that our Online IB Tutors and IB home tutors in Delhi generally use in their sessions.

A few more tips for IB Tutors

ib tuition

Don’t Stop experimenting

If an IB tutor is not enjoying his work then his or her students will never do. The moment we think that we know each and everything about this topic, we start losing interest in it. We should consider our tutoring as an art and as a craft. We must always try to deliver our lecture in a different way. As every student is different so is his or her learning pattern. We should do many experiments in our IB Tuition work and try to deliver to our student in a way that’s the most comfortable way for him.

Don’t Explain Much

Sometimes too much explanation is as bad as not explaining at all. While doing IB tuition we need to be very concise. We need to deliver according to the exact requirement of the curriculum. For example, we are explaining Energy to our students, We may have so many things to tell to our students. But we should hold ourselves and tell them the thing that is sufficient according to their grades. We must avoid using difficult words as it may confuse the students. We can deliver our lecture by giving several different but related examples.
This will make the topic interesting for our students and will lead them towards a better understanding.

Motivate Students to Ask Questions

Even for a very skilled and experienced teacher, it’s really difficult to judge what is going in his or her student’s mind. We can only know this if they ask questions from us. Therefore it is really important for teachers to motivate and encourage students to ask more and more students. In my class, I explain a topic to my students and then I ask them to frame two or three questions and ask from each other or ask me. This makes my work very easy. Because I know about their doubts about their questions.

Don’t let them lose interest

Never let your students loose their interest. Create an everlasting connect with your students with the help of your teaching. you can do this thing by making your content fresh, strong and interesting. Everything you are going to teach must be crystal clear to you. You must know that your students will respect you as a human being once they respect you as a teacher. Start class with stories, crazy ideas or funny jokes. Gradually lead them to difficult topics once they are connected with you.

Don’t give extreme importance to yourself

Teaching is one of the most respected professions in our societies. We, teacher, are the creators of the character of our students. Teacher’s importance is beyond description but inside the classroom, the center of attraction must be students, not teachers. We should act according to the student’s comfort inside the classroom. Applaud and congratulate them for their small achievements and motivate them to come forward with their queries and doubts.

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