IB Tok Exhibition Help: A Comprehensive Guide

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    IB Tok Exhibition Help by IB Elite Tutor

    Our IB TOK Tutor offers help to IB students so that they can write their ia/tok themselves and get a perfect grade. Theory of knowledge is an integral part of the IB Diploma Programme. IB has changed the TOK format and launched the IB TOK Exhibition. It has one-third of the weight of the entire TOK thing. Schools assess it internally, but external IB examiners do its moderation. The primary purpose of the IB TOK Exhibition is to train students in a way such that they can apply their learnings or knowledge to real-world scenarios. Students should finish their IB TOK Exhibition on their own without any help. They must choose a unique image/object for their task, and all in their schools can have different images/objects. It is a live or virtual exhibition of three objects based on one “IA prompt.” 

    • Students are supposed to select one prompt from the list. We can not change the wording of our prompt; it must be the same as shown in the list.
    • Also, we need to find three objects/images that relate to our prompt. In any condition, our TOK exhibition should be based on one of the given prompts. Otherwise, no marks will be awarded. 
    • After all these things, Students will prepare a document that must include the title of our IA prompt, pictures of the three objects, and a description of each object. This description must identify each object and its unique real-world background.  
    • The commentary must also justify why we included the objects in our prompt and how they relate to our IA prompt. Finally, students should write a proper bibliography, mentioning all the appropriate citations. The total number of words in the document must be 950 without counting citations.

    How Do We Provide IB TOK Exhibition Help?

    we can follow these three steps for creating our IB TOK Exhibition-:

    a) Selection of three objects/images and our IA prompt

    b) Creating the doc and get it moderated c) Showcasing our IB TOK exhibition

    How to Select Three Objects / Image

    In the first step of creating our IB TOK Exhibition, We first select an IA prompt. We connect this IA prompt to our chosen objects/images. Previously, IB released six new Tok essay titles each year. But now we have a fixed list that always stays the same. From this list, we can select our IA prompt. All our chosen objects must relate to our IA prompt. Therefore, while selecting a prompt, we must consider how we can tell our prompt to the themes we have studied in class, which is why we shall choose the IA prompt from this list.

    IB TOK Exhibition IA Prompt List
    IB TOK Exhibition IA Prompt List 2

    After choosing the IA prompt, WE should start looking for the three objects to link to our IA prompt. We use the word “objects” on a larger scale. We do not need physical objects & we can use their images instead. Ric Sims once stated that the objects should be as if they are talking. TOK is introduced in IBDP to enable you to use the knowledge you acquire daily. That’s why students must be very attentive during their course. Students should make a catalog of all possible images to link with your prompt during your course teaching. We must connect our objects with knowledge.

    We should Keep Following Things in Our Minds While Collecting Our Objects / Images
    1. A few of them should represent how to compile knowledge (with the help of language)
    2. Some of them should show how to generate knowledge we can gather or create knowledge through some objects. 
    3. While a few images depict and strengthen the knowledge already generated in specific groups or communes of atmans. Practically, our IA prompts must be related to the themes we study in our TOK class. 
    4. As objects, we can use natural things or choose their digital replacements. For instance, we are free to utilize pictures of a helpful book page or a regulation enforced anywhere in the world. We can also use a statement made by a leader on Twitter. 
    5. The object must be a real-world thing or related to the real world in any context. Students can use any object they “have” or have already made. However, you can not use anything you have created for your Theory of Knowledge Exhibition
    6. You can not use generic pictures of young girls or kids because they do not have a proper real-world context. Images of young kids or girls can only work in a proper real-world context
    7. Each of our objects can be related to different portions of our IA prompt, but when we put them together, they all must be related to our IA prompt as a whole. 
    8. If you will use any object you have already created, then you should cite it properly so that your teachers/moderators can get it. Once again, it would be best if you understood that we can’t create and use an object specifically for TOK Exhibition purposes.
    How to Create Your Document For Moderation & Marking Purposes?

    In it, we shall create a 950-word single document. To begin with, we should provide a proper title to our document. After this, we write comments that help teachers and moderators identify our chosen objects/images. We also write and explain the context of how our objects have relationships with real-world things. Also, What connection do they have with our IA prompt? Our teachers provide verbal or written feedback on our work, and we fine-tune it accordingly.

    How to Showcase Our IB Tok Exhibition?

    The IB has not released any guidelines for this stage; schools decide on it. Once we have finished all our IB Tok exhibition tasks, we present our work before our teachers, parents, fellow students, or even the external audience; it may be before our teachers. You can also decide to exhibit your work virtually. In short, this exhibition can be a fun task for you. The TOK exhibition task will take place in the first year of IBDP. It is best to remember to maintain the word count, make proper citations, and not seek external help. Your teachers may guide you but cannot edit or correct your work.