How to Score More in IB Maths HL Paper 3

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Let us first Understand IB Maths HL paper 3

IB Diploma program offers four options for IB Maths HL paper 3

  • Statistics and Probability
  • Sets, Relation, and Groups
  • Calculus: Sequence, Series, Differential Equations
  • Discrete Mathematics

And a student chooses one of these as Paper 3. our IB Maths Tuition suggests-

  • Choose carefully to score well. If you are very good at abstraction then options b, and d suits you. If facets of differentiation, integration, why they exist, and their applications fascinate you go for option c.
  • Interested in data science and analysis option a. Importantly, it is suitable to remark here that your future career plans can also vary and decide upon the final choice, and this is logical and justified.

How is Maths HL paper 3 different from other papers

Maths HL paper 3 is the test of aptitude and passion of the student towards mathematics. The question paper is tailored to check analytical and technical skills. Each question is designed to twist and turn the cognitive fiber of brain and measures ability. The examinee has to take five questions in one hour; this in disguise evaluates his/her degree of promptness at the subject. Each item is divided into interlinked parts, and correctness of each piece totals into the final measure. So the golden rule is to prepare with fullness and remember half approach leads nowhere. Completeness of knowledge yields good marks.

How to score well in IB Maths HL Paper 3

The key to succeeding well at IB Maths HL Paper 3, irrespective of your option, is to be thorough with the definitions of mathematical terms. Learn the definitions as they are, carefully note terms used in the description and comprehend them; do not modify or presume about them. How to test this? Solve a lot many problems and cross-check your understanding. Get it checked and corrected by your tutor. Ask your tutor if your interpretations about definitions are okay.
One aspect that surely has to be discussed for high scoring is “What should be your thought process for good concept building?” Answer “THINK SIMPLE.” Simplicity is beauty. When simple thought combines, they can resolve any complexity. Mathematics as a subject has this inherent beauty. So when learning maths and contemplating fill your brain with simple and complete thoughts. Dark and murky thoughts sum up to give null.

The idea of Inheritance in Mathematics

Mathematics increases its complexity on the idea of inheritance, i.e. One definition inherits other definition, theorems use other theorems. Explore this inheritance and practice it to the level that you develop it as a habit. Mind my words, and this is how you build concepts and learn mathematics and in fact science. Practice the idea with different solved and unsolved problems. If you go wrong, read where and why you have gone wrong. Discuss with tutors and inquire about the mistakes committed.

Final Touch 
  1. By now you must have figured out well that correct concept building takes you to the path of high scoring.
  2. If in the test you encounter a problem which you have not solved before, and this a high probability, the approach you should follow is try to gain insight on what is desired out of the problem.
  3. Then recall related questions and concepts which you practiced, try to correlate them with problems asked, you would win.
  4. Another essential piece of advice, use GDC to its maximum, exploit its abilities. It is of supreme importance for statistics and numerical solution part but apart from it has a lot of en-stored for you.
  5. It can resolve and sail you out through unexpected problems. GDC is a friend along with you in your exam.
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