Difference Between IB and AP

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Difference between IB and AP Programs

The IB Diploma program and the AP Diploma program are famous nowadays. Both programs are offered to 11th and 12th, and the students get credit for their college level based on their results. Both programs offer an advanced level of education and also provide scholarships if students have a good academic record. Although there are many similarities, a few things still make the programs different. In this article, I cleared all your doubts and queries so that you can choose the better one for you.

Popularity of IB and AP Programs

  1. AP program is very famous in America. It is popular because of its flexibility and easy methods. Students do not need to attend school regularly. Instead of it, they can prepare on their own.
  2. AP is also very popular because it does not force children to opt for unnecessary subjects. Students choose the subjects of their own choice and prepare for that.
  3. While on the other hand, IB follows a comprehensive syllabus for the entire year. Students have to attend school regularly, and they need to be in contact with their teachers.
  4. IB offers many activities and assignments that students have to submit on their time, and they get points for these activities and assignments.
  5. There are 6 subjects that students choose in IB, and they prepare for the 6 subjects along with all the activities and assignments related to the subjects.
  6. Students find it much more difficult because, throughout the year, they remain stuck with a comprehensive syllabus to get their desired score.

Cost or expenditures in Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate

If we talk about the cost of the course, IB is more expensive in comparison to AP. AP is based on Independent classes, and as it offers only one subject or subject according to the Desire of the students, it is relatively inexpensive. Admission to IB schools is very difficult, and they demand high fees from children. Attending IB classes is also very expensive for children because it is related to 6 subjects, and each subject has its requirements, which are quite expensive.

Tests or assessment in IB and AP Programs

  • IB has a comprehensive curriculum, and students must appear in the exam. Students attend classes and appear in the exam to get grade points. There are 6 exams of 6 subjects, and each subject carries 1- 7 grade points.
  • To pass the exam, students must score at least 4 in each subject. Core subjects also have three points: comprehensive essays and creative writing. All this makes IB very complicated for students, and they find it difficult.
  • On the other hand, ap provides a choice to choose subjects, and students can choose one or two subjects according to their subject choice.
  • AP offers a 5.3 grading system to go the college. Students find it easy to choose the subject of their choice without pressure from other unnecessary subjects. They get good grades in their interesting subject, and it becomes easy for them to go to college with good grade points.
  • IB also offers two levels of study: higher level, or HL and standard level or SL. But top most colleges in the world are giving preference to the students of AP and HL. Students who choose SL might have a problem later.
  • AP is a completely multiple-choice-based exam where children have options and must choose the best option based on their knowledge. While IB is open-ended, it makes you think critically and make an analysis. There are different types of questions in the IB Exam.

Teaching methodology in both Programs

As I have already discussed, IB has a comprehensive curriculum that stresses deep concepts and knowledge-based learning. There are textbooks and a fixed syllabus for students. Throughout the year, students prepare themselves to work on the curriculum and to get the highest grade. So IB is quite textbook based. If you talk about AP, it gives stress to facts-based learning. Students gather information and prepare notes and assignments based on their collected information. At the same time, IB is stuck with concepts. Students of AP gather facts and enhance their knowledge on their own.

Workload in AP and IB 

If we talk about the workload and pressure on children, AP and IB require lots of effort. AP requires brain work and keeps you busy gathering the facts and enhancing the knowledge based on the facts. However, AP is easy to follow because children have few subjects, and chapters and topics are divided over the year.

On the other hand, IBO also provides lots of pressure. So many things are coming together, and students need help managing everything. There are lots of brain work activities and assignments which engage you all the time. Regular classes need to be attended where you have to appear with everyday tasks done perfectly. If you do not do all this smartly and actively, it will affect your grading and performance.

College Credit in both Programs

Final grading in AP and IB plays a very important role in getting the college credit and, ultimately, the college of your choice. Students work hard and give their best to get into the college of their choice. AP provides a rich reward to its students, and it’s very easy to get admission to your desired college if you have got a good reward in your AP full stop. On the other hand, IB students find it difficult because of the district marking system and two levels of course offerings. There are few good colleges which prefer the students of only HL. So those choosing SL in IB always doubt whether they will be selected.

Aim of the programs
  1. AP and IB have their purposes and goals, but one thing is common: they want overall student development. AP is easier and cheaper is, but still, it has national importance and very famous in America.
  2. While on the other hand, IB offers an International curriculum where all the languages are included. AP focuses on giving information on specific subjects only, while IB prepares students with the knowledge of other subjects, which can benefit them in the future.
  3. IB develops critical analysis and thinking abilities in students. It prepares students for critical thinking. IB also gives importance to extra-curricular activities.
  4. With the help of this article, I have cleared most of your doubts about IB and AP. Both have their importance, and you can choose your own course after reading this article.