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IB History Tutor. IB Elite Tutor is a premium academy offering “Dedicated IB History Tutoring.” We have a team of highly qualified and skilled IB History Tutors readily available to conduct Online IB History Tuition classes and help students worldwide. Hire the best IB History Tutoring and ensure a 7 in both IB History HL and SL.

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    Salient Features of our IB History Tutor

    ib history tutorIB Elite Tutor is known for its reliability and excellence in service. Here are a few notable features of our IB History Tutor-

    1. Reliable, trusted, experienced and skilled IB History Tutor from top IB schools worldwide.
    2. Easily accessible and easy to hire. You even get a FREE DEMO class so that you can check compatibility with the tutor
    3. Our tutors are very punctual in offering IB History Tuition classes. We are always available on pre-scheduled class timings. 
    4. We always finish the IB History syllabus long before the school tests and actual IB examinations. This not only releases stress but also gives students give plenty of time to revise. And we all know that revision is the key to scoring well in tests/ examinations.
    5. It’s necessary to check your preparation before going into the final battle(examination). Therefore, our IB History Tutors Online take chapter-end tests, Unit tests, half and full syllabus tests.
    6.  There is a proper system for parent engagement and feedback. We share the results of all these tests with the parents over Whatsapp or email. So, parents are always well aware of their ward’s progress.
    7. We use advanced technological tools, videos, images, PDF, and animations to understand complex concepts.
    8. Last but not least- We help students with Mock Tests and also with Past year Paper solving.
    9. Get the exact idea on how to study for IB history with our IB history tutors. 

    Why we need IB History Tutors

    • The Central Part of our life is Education. Education provides knowledge in your field as well as other areas also.
    • A person can become well-rounded by getting experience. Students can achieve a good education through online tutoring.
    • Conclusion: it gives many advantages to people and advances their knowledge in every field of life, and helps them succeed in life.
    •  International Baccalaureate is the best platform for getting online tutoring. A critical area of life is History.
    • History is significant to study through which we can know our past and, in turn, better understand our present. We can avoid repeating mistakes in the future by learning mistakes from our past.
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    How can we help

    Our history Online Tutor helps and supports for the following aspects of IB Biology HL & SL. We provide guidance for all five subjects for HL & SL.

    Help for IB History Paper One Duration One hour

    Military leaders, Conquest and its impact, The move to global war, Rights and protest, Conflict and intervention. These are all five subjects. Our history tutor online will guide you for your choosen subject out of these fives 

    Help for IB History Paper TwoDuration 1.5 hrs IBO has prescribed 12 history topics for paper two. You will choose one out of these 12 topics & our teacher will help you for that. 
    IB history Paper three (HL Only)Duration 2.5 hrs

    History of Africa and the Middle East, History of the Americas, History of Asia and Oceania, & History of Europe. There is a choice amongst these topics for this additional paper.

    Help for IB History Internal assessmentNo fix duration

    We have a team of experts. They are like a IB history Ia guide. You can take IB history IA tutoring and craft an excellent IA.

    Why choose our IB Online History Tutor

    1. Online IB tutoring is a way of giving knowledge to students through the internet.
    2. It is a straightforward way to acquire knowledge at home without wasting time in reaching a particular center.
    3. It is handy for those people who want to study history to gain advanced knowledge, but due to their busy working schedule, they didn’t get time to investigate further.
    4. One more reason for choosing IB History Tutor is getting extra help to gain a good education.
    5. Some people need a tutor to explain in a different secure manner to understand the terms and quickly achieve their educational goals.
    6. Our IB history Online tutor provides effective and efficient learning concepts.

    Benefits of hiring IB History Tutor

    • Online tutoring is helpful for those people who cannot afford the high fees of the institute very much or for the private tutor.
    • It is the simplest and affordable way to gain a good knowledge of history.
    • Online IB History tutoring can be easily accessible at any time and anywhere, whenever you want to study comfortably.
    • Online tutoring provides excellent help in repeating the concepts again and again. In this way, a person can easily understand the concepts.
    • Online tutoring also provides references or supporting documents quickly just by sending a click, and a person can get references within a second; it is a great help in understanding.

    Reasons for choosing IB History HL & SL 

    ib history tuition classes with top tutors
    1. The main reason for studying IB history is not to repeat history in the future, which means our ancestors’ mistakes do not happen to us in the future.
    2. This is the symbol of a well-educated person. That’s why every person should know and learn history.
    3. IB History is the key to shaping your present as well as future. IB History Tutor makes a social and emotional development in a student by gathering a fair justice between ancient and present situations.
    4. As people ourselves create history daily, a study of history helps in awareness of what our forefathers have done in the past and whether it was right or wrong.
    5. IB History can become interesting by thinking of it as a movie based on real stories and characters.
    6. It becomes interesting when the proofs, in the form of monuments, historical places….etc. Are bibliography as references.
    7. IB History makes a civilized and responsible person of their nation.
    8. By studying history, a person can understand their nation’s culture, roots, development of their society, and historical experience of cultures and nationalities.
    9. IB Elite Tutor provides the best IB Diploma Tutors for history.Learn with top IB school teachers and ensure a 7 in your IB History HL & SL.
    10. We have a team of highly experienced IB IA Tutors who can guide you to develop an excellent IB History Internal Assessment.
    11. If you want to excel in IB History HL & SL, it becomes crucial to craft an excellent piece of IA.
    12. A significant portion of overall subject grades come from the Internal assessment only.

    Help in IB History Internal Assessment both HL and SL

    1. Internal assessments are integral parts of the IB evaluation process for almost all IB subjects, and History is no exception. Students write a compulsory internal assessment for both History HL and SL. 
    2. History IA is an investigation. IB students not only learn but also apply professional historian skills in it.
    3.  Like all other IAs, this one is also assessed internally but moderated by external IB examiners.
    4.  IB History IA Has a maximum of 2200 word counts, and it is worth 25% for SL and 20% for HL students. Therefore, IB history IA plays an important role in total history marks.
    5. IB Elite Tutor provides highly skilled and experienceIB History IA Tutors ready to help students with their IB History Internal Assessments following IB guidelines.
    6. We can help you select a topic for your IA and develop a perfect piece of work on it. 
    • A person can get a good education by using animation, multimedia, graphics. And also by using the internet in understanding and learning our past.
    • That is why IB history tutor are essential. Suppose we want to learn our past incidents, episodes, and occurrences on earth.
    • Then, IB history tutor are effortlessly, readily available, and reasonably priced.
    • IB history tutor and IB Home Tutors give the best results successfully by understanding different social behavior, the way of living, customs of the earlier persons.
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