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IGCSE Accounts Tutors. IB Elite Tutor has a vast team of experts delivering IGCSE Online Tuition Classes. All our IGCSE Online Accounts Tutors are recruited from top international schools. So that we can give you a quality service.

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    IGCSE Accounts Tutors

    • IB Elite Tutor aids you in various ways to enhance your presenting, reporting, interpreting, and recording skills in IGCSE accounting.
    • And help you choose this subject as your profession for further studies and future career.
    • The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a two-year comprehensive program that builds curiosity in every learner to achieve their goals.
    IGCSE Accounts Tutors

    How to learn IGCSE Accounts with our IGCSE Online Accounts Tutors

    To understand the accounting theory, you must make a proper schedule and be consistent on that.Furthermore, each student must know about the exam format, exam duration, mark allocation, assessment objectives, command words, marking scheme, and examiner’s report before starting studies. Here are the few tips that you have to follow to ace IGCSE accounting:

    • Take a systematic approach. Don’t just memorize. Try to understand each component thoroughly.
    • Set clear and achievable goals. Moreover, carefully read the IGCSE accounting learner’s guide and IGCSE accounting syllabus.
    • Practice balance sheets and income statements from the last 10 year’s past papers. 
    • Get a stronghold on the double-entry system. And keep endeavoring to understand each entry.
    • Review your work from time to time with the help of revision notes. 
    • Keep refreshing yourself during your studies. Don’t take too much stress if you don’t get to know the answer. And take help from your IGCSE tutors and peers.
    • Make mind-maps and flow charts to learn formulae.
    • Make flashcards for the topics like bad debts, recovery, margin, markup, and inventory turnover. So, you can comprehend those topics easily.
    • First, do the smallest chapter, then go to the toughest ones.
    • Enlist all the mistakes and correct them to avoid losing marks in the IGCSE examination.

    We, at our IGCSE Accounts Tuition Classes, pay heed to the IGCSE Accounts syllabus:

    Sources and recording of data

    • The double-entry system of bookkeeping
    • Preparation of ledger accounts
    • Business documents
    • Processing information in books of prime entry

    The fundamentals of accounting

    • Difference between bookkeeping and accounting
    • Purposes of measuring business profits and loss
    • Basic accounting terms and equations

    Accounting procedures

    • Distinguish between capital and revenue expenditure
    • Non-current assets
    • Inventory valuation and its impact on financial statement
    • Procedures to record adjustments for irrecoverable debts, prepayments, provision of doubtful debts, accruals, the recovery of debts written off.

    Verification of accounting records

    • Procedures for correction of errors

    Analysis and interpretation

    • Interpretation and calculation of the main accounting ratios
    • Inter-firm comparison
    • Limitation of accounting statements

    Preparation of financial statements

    • Year-end adjustments for different types of businesses
    • Financial statements of clubs, societies, and manufacturing industries

    Accounting principles and policies

    • Influence of international accounting standards 
    • The selection of accounting policies

    How to write the Accounts Exam?

    All candidates have to take two papers. In paper 1, they have to do MCQs, and for paper 2, they have to do structured questions. Thus, before writing the accounting paper, pay attention to the question, marking scheme, the problem, improvement, and errors.  These are the general tips to write an IGCSE accounting exam paper:

    • Read each section of the exam paper carefully.
    • First, do the questions that you are confident about, and then go to difficult ones.
    • Explain all the accounting terms briefly.
    • Calculate the accounting ratios and interpret data accurately.
    • Do you have to understand properly what the question is all about?
    • The accounting statements must contain accurate information.
    • Show the working process in a well-definite manner.
    • Just write the answer according to the mark allocation and the space provided.
    • Make a table to write the advantages and disadvantages of any comparison.
    • Don’t forget to use command terms properly.
    • Conclude after writing an argument.
    • Make sure that words and figures are properly written.

    How to maximize your benefit with IGCSE Accounts Tutoring?

    IGCSE Accounting is a subject that makes you capable of presenting financial statements correctly? So, if you understand the ways, then get help from tutoring. It is the best approach that helps you:

    • To understand accounting principles, policies, and their applications.
    • How to break down concepts that have analysis and evaluation?
    • In general knowledge of accounting.
    • To make chapter-wise notes and assignments.
    • Explore or discover the accounting curriculum.
    • To make connectivity with this subject.
    • Share your knowledge with your peers or tutors via online learning.
    • In building genuine interest towards learning with the help of smart classes.
    • To fulfill your daily goals and boost your confidence.
    • To get familiar with IGCSE accounting.

    How is IB Elite Tutor different from others?

    We aim to acquire grades that fulfill our future goals when we consider tutoring. So, everyone wants a mentor or a faculty that teaches you in the best possible way and endows:

    1. One-on-one live online classes help you understand the IGCSE accounting at your pace.
    2. Solved past-year papers that contained both narrative and practical questions.
    3. The learning objective and how to fulfill the IGCSE accounting assessment objectives?
    4. Practice sessions and revision sessions.
    5. Mathematical knowledge and analytical skills that help to ace IGCSE accounting.
    6. The unique teaching style that discovers your hidden potential.
    7. Exam-oriented personalized tutoring.
    8. Homework and assignment help.
    9. The study material instills knowledge to make you a better learner.
    10. Simple and pow

    IB Elite Tutor is providing IGCSE Tutors for all major subjects.

    • Every individual builds self-esteem with the help of their teachers, tutors, and peers. And never underestimate yourself throughout the coursework.
    • Keep yourself up-to-date with Our IGCSE Accounts Tutors. We are an organization that hires tutors according to their capabilities. Thus, they teach accounting in a very easy way.
    • IGCSE Accounts Tutors designed its tutoring methodology that carries all the essential needs of every individual. It aims to encourage students to drive any challenge.
    • We help you to set short-term goals and prepares you for long-term goals. We welcome those tutors that professionally as well as personally help every learner.
    • And make sure to make a healthy learning environment. So, you can crack any examination.
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