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IB Home Tutors in Delhi play a very strong and important role to help students improve their grades in IB Exams. Get the best IB Tutors in Delhi, IB Tutors in Faridabad, IB Tutors in Noida, IB Tutors in Kolkata, etc.

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    IB Elite Tutor provides IB HOME  TUTORS in Delhi for INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (all Groups-HL, SL). The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an educational organization that works on non-profit principles, driven by its mission to create inquiring, knowledgeable and understanding young people who help in the creation of a better and calmer world through intercultural exchange and mutual respect. So the organization has built a very good reputation for high quality and great standards in the arena of international education. They are working with the motto of creating world/international citizens. IB board, as well as their students, are working with a mindset that’s different from another educational system. Therefore teachers teaching ib students should have a different approach and a few distinctive properties in themselves.ib home tutors

    IB Home Tutors-Salient Features

    Our IB tutors are well trained, qualified and experienced professionals. Most of them are working with the topmost IB world schools of Delhi, NCR. We provide the best home tutors for American Embassy School, home tutors for The British school, home tutors for Pathways world Schools,  home tutors for Shriram International School, etc. All our IB Tutors are well versed in ib curriculum. They are equipped with modern-day technology.

    What Our IB Home Tutors do

    Our IB home tutors in Delhi help students to excel in their academics and score a perfect 7 by following ways. Our IB Tutors stand out to be the best home tutoring service because of a wide range of subjects. We provide  IB Home tutors for Mathematics, IB Home Tutoring for Physics, IB Home Tuition Classes for Chemistry, IB Biology home Tutoring, IB Home Tutoring for Business Management, IB home tuition for Economics, IB home tuition for Geography, and IB home tuition for History, etc.

    Motivation by our IB Home Tuition

    Our IB home tutors in Delhi take full care of the privacy of their students and parents. They never discuss their student’s problems or weak points with someone who is not a part of the solution. They encourage their students to share most of their academic problems without realizing them that they are weak and this way they “Develop a Passion for Learning in their students”

    24/7 Help by IB Home Tutors

    Usually, our home tutors provide one or two-hour tutoring sessions on alternate days or on weekends as per the requirement of the students. But they don’t limit their role for that session only. Usually, they offer 24/7 availability and they are always ready to take students’ doubts over the phone, Whatsapp or by email.

    Customized Service by IB Tutors in Delhi

    Our IB home tutors provide face-to-face one-on-one classes in the comfortable atmosphere of students home. And this allows students to save their travel time and a great level of flexibility. Students can easily ask their doubts without any hesitation and make their concepts strong. This mode of tutoring is mainly beneficial for the students who are performing below average in any particular subject. In-home tutoring  IB home Tutors can change the pace according to the student’s need. They can be slow on the topics where the student is struggling while they can be quick on the topics where the student is strong. The tutor can repeat a topic if required by the student. And this much of flexibility usually results in a good performance by the student.

    Use of Technology by our Team 

    We use the latest technology to make students understand their concepts. our tutors use Ppts, videos, images and many other support tools to build students’ concepts. There are a few topics in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and in Economics which are difficult to understand but if we use visual methods like videos, GIF images etc, then these topics can be understood properly. Once concepts are clear, students can easily solve any difficult problem.

    Comprehensive revision

    Our IB tutors ensure comprehensive revision of the whole syllabus long before the start of exams so that students can identify their weak places and remove them. This process helps a lot to excel them in their exams. Our tutors don’t rely only on textbooks to revise the syllabus. So they make students solve many past years IB papers. The more they solve Past Year IB Papers, the more they come close to success in the exams.

    Rigorous Testing

    We believe in cumulative testing. First, we take the chapter end test after completion of every chapter, unit test at the end of every unit then half syllabus test and finally full syllabus test. With the help of parents, We conduct the full syllabus mock in an exam like atmosphere. We assume that the students will finish the test in a fixed time period. All these tests ensure that our students are well prepared for their exams.

    IB Past Papers Solving

    Our IB tutors take parents’ help to ensures that every student solves at least 10 previous year papers. And this will give them a fair idea about their actual exam and this will also help them to manage their time while writing their real exams. Mathematics students can learn more tips and tricks to write their test by IB Maths Tutors

    IB IA, TOK and E.E help by IB Tutors in Delhi

    When the time for the submission of internal assessment, Theory of knowledge or Extended Essay comes, we get several calls from the ib students who have taken their home or online tuition classes at other reputed academies, but now they are in trouble because their tutors are not capable to help them with their extended essays or internal assessments. We instruct all our IB tutors clearly that they must make a plan to help students in the internal assessment and extended essays of respective subjects. So that students face no hurdle or fragile situation at the time of submission. Our tutors are capable enough to handle it. We suggest students spend one hour on a bi-monthly basis for their Internal Assessments and Extended Essays

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