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IB Biology EE Tutors from reputed IB Schools. IB Elite Tutor has been offering high-quality Online IB Tutors to guide you for your IB extended essays. Learn with highly experienced teachers and craft an excellent EE. 

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    IB Biology EE Tutors

    IB Biology EE is more than an assignment. So, could you not take it easy? Also, it is a unique journey for your self-discovery. Our IB Biology EE tutors an insightful guide that helps you in your self-discovery by setting the stage for you.

    Online extended Essay Tutors

    In this essay, you can find the purpose of IB Biology EE and how to write it effectively with the help of expert IB Biology EE tutors. So, let’s explore the IB Biology EE criteria without wasting your time.

    IB Biology Extended Essay – Unravelling the Secrets

    Before diving into extended essay criteria, let’s understand why it is integral to the IB Diploma program. And the answer is:

    • It allows you to apply a range of skills while researching your IB Biology topic.
    • It provides practical preparation.
    • It develops your skills to formulate a research question.
    • It develops your skills to engage the reader with a personal exploration of the topic.
    • Does it develop your skills in how to communicate ideas efficiently?
    • Does it develop your skills in how to make logical arguments?

    Let’s explore IB Biology Extended Essay Criterias

    Criterion A: Focus & Method (6 points)

    In this criterion, you must pay attention to your topic, research question, and methodology. These three essential elements help you to gain 6 points. You must:

    • Clearly state your topic and the purpose of your research.
    • For specific, clear, and relatable RQ to the topic of your EE.
    • Effectively prove your methodology.

    Criterion B: Understanding & Knowledge (6 points)

    In this criterion, you must incorporate the application and relevancy of research and the knowledge of the topic. Also, it is implemented in a way that directly supports the research question that you have chosen. 

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    Criterion C: Critical Thinking (12 points)

    In this criterion, you must analyze your data and research. Also, correlate them with each other through the following:

    • Accurate and reliable data.
    • Pay attention to each detail of your research.
    • Provide valid arguments.
    • Provide strong conclusions.

    Criterion D: Presentation (4 points)

    In this criterion, you must structure your essay with the help of tables, graphs, diagrams, etc. It makes your EE presentable and competent.

    Criterion E: Engagement (6 points)

    In this criterion, you must incorporate qualitative and quantitative aspects of your research. Also, reflect, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate your knowledge of Biology so you can easily engage your readers.

    How Our IB Biology EE Tutors Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones?

    Does our customized tutoring help you avoid the following common pitfalls? Let’s take a look.

    1. Take a research question that is too narrow or overly limited.
    2. Refrain from referencing all your sources precisely.
    3. This needs to be understood when considering the abstract as the introductory part of the essay.
    4. Incorporated plagiarized and biased content.
    5. Did not plan early.
    6. Putting irrelevant examples and real-life applications.

    Whether you start writing your IB Biology EE or you complete it. Our IB Biology EE tutors are there for you to get a high score in your IB Biology EE. We help you to ensure your EE gets all the essential points. And ensure that it:

    • Contains a clear hypothesis.
    • Include the IB EE narrative.
    • Contains the point context of your topic.
    • It must be logical and convey the perspective that your reader is looking for.
    • Contains the proper examples and factual information.
    • Include reliable and credible sources.
    • Contains qualitative and quantitative data.
    • Include proper background information and a conclusion.

    Turn your frustration into a fascination with our IB Biology EE tutor

    Choice of IB Biology Topic

    First and foremost, the topic choice solely depends upon your interest and passion for Biology. Our tutors help you ignite your passion for biology. So you can quickly deal with living organisms and life processes. And incorporate biological theories in your IB EE. Also, our tutors ensure that the chosen topic allows you to generate information or analyze data quickly. 

    Few examples 

    • The effect of banana peel on seed germination
    • The effect of detergent toxicity on soil bacteria
    • A study of the effect of various pH levels on the growth of Phaseolus vulgaris

    Research in Biology

    Our IB Biology EE tutors guide you on how to do primary and secondary research. So you can easily find the solutions to your research issue. Our tutors help in data collecting from both the research like:

    • Microscopic observations
    • Experimentation
    • Survey
    • Biological drawings
    • Fieldwork
    • And other materials

    All the sources must be appropriately analyzed and incorporated into your IB Biology EE. 

    How to write the Biology Extended Essay

    Our IB Biology EE tutors remember that your EE must be by the IB guidelines. Your essay is not just generating and presenting data; it is more than that. So, our tutors help incorporate various methods that rely on your findings. And connect it with the real world. It must be well structured and contains headed paragraphs. Also, our tutors take care of the following:

    • Precision and accuracy of all the measuring equipment.
    • Sample size.
    • Reliability and validity of statistics.
    While doing experimentation, keep following safety and ethical standards. Avoid toxic or dangerous chemicals, carcinogenic substances, and radioactive materials.

    We also break down the communication barrier between tutors and students. How? Let’s have a look!!!

    • By giving positive feedback
    • By participating in their work and activities
    • By providing a flexible and stable tutoring environment
    • By encouraging them from time to time
    • By removing hesitation and engaging them in creative activities

    Our IB Biology EE tutors are the inspiration that you need to write a compelling IB Biology EE. We provide step-by-step guidance so you can easily navigate your IB EE. Apart from this, we help with the topic selection and the final draft. So, to make your IB EE journey successful, take our tutor’s help. 

    Your continuous growth and learning depend upon your mindset. And our tutors develop a mindset that reflects the long-term benefits. So, train your mind with the help of our expert IB Biology faculty and craft a brilliant IB Biology EE. 

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