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IB Extended Essay Tutor not only provides detailed information about writing high-quality extended essays but also offers their services at a very reasonable price. They provide valuable comments on essays written under their guidance, which can significantly improve the quality of your work.

    IB Extended Essay Tutor 

    Let us first understand what is an extended essay:

    1. IB Elite Tutor helps the students so that they can write the best IA/ TOK essay in their exams.

    2. Extended Essays are a type of research work. Students prepare a paper of around 4000 words.

    3. Students have to choose a topic out of the HL subjects choosen at the Diploma program.

    4. Students should choose the question of the Essay very carefully.

    5. Extended essays are written based on the research work, so the Essay should reflect the whole idea clearly and concisely.

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    6. It’s crucial to provide the information using a logical method and an analytical approach. This will help you present your research in a clear and structured manner, making it easier for your readers to understand.

    8. The IB, with its rigorous evaluation process, ensures that your hard work and dedication are recognized. They appoint separate examiners to evaluate these essays, who check students’ progress based on parameters ranging from excellent to mediocre to the elementary level. This process is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of your performance and areas for improvement.

    Write Great Mathematics EE with IB EE Tutors

    We apply the same rules for all IB extended essays. Here, we have taken IB Mathematics Extended Essays as an example to explain. These are the few crucial points that students should remember when writing the highest-quality essay.

    • Set objectives for the topic for which you are going to write an extended essay. Choose the topic of your own choice. A supervisor can help you to get a fruitful outcome. Students can choose topics for engineering, science, Social Science, and statistics. All these subjects have maths as their base.
    • An extended essay should start with an explanation of the topic. It should end with a correct conclusion that shows good research and a logical argument. An extended essay should have a measurable conclusion so that it fulfills the student’s need for writing that extended Essay.
    • Students must be able to write an extended essay that provides knowledge of the concepts of the mathematics curriculum of a diploma course. The Essay should have a profound interpretation of the topic, which shows that the child has good knowledge about the subject and can now think a little beyond the curriculum switch.
    • An extended essay showcases a student’s knowledge. It allows a child to represent his learning and knowledge about mathematics. Students should use logical reasoning and arguments to prove their opinions.
    • Extended essays are given to assess students learning. All the methods should be well explained. We suggest students use technical terms and the correct order in their extended sentences. There should be well-defined graphs, tables, and diagrams, along with detailed explanations.

    Important Tips by IB Extended Essay Online Tutors

    Our IB Extended Essay Tutor suggests their students should have good concentration, time management, and deep involvement in the topic so that they can write the best-extended Essays. Students should understand the topic clearly. They can read and enhance their knowledge so that they can write their essays without errors. Stay active and regular in your studies. Have a positive attitude because hard work is the key to success.

    Structure of the Extended Essay

    An extended essay has six critical sections. A well-designed title page should contain the research question. Students should also remember the word count, which should be at most 4000. The content page is the page that has information about topics and page numbers. The body of the Essay is the main part of the Essay. Here, students present their knowledge about the topic using logical statements, calculations, and evaluation. This is the last part of the extended Essay. Students must sum up it in a very concise way. Proper reference of things should be given.

    How to prepare an EE with Our IB Extended Essay Tutor

    1. 4000 words is a challenging task for diploma program students. Students should write their ideas on their own proper pages or type on the computer so that they can keep all their information safe.
    2. The information must be clear. It would be best if you chose the topic according to your caliber.
    3. The title should not look like a question. The aim should be evident in the title of the Essay.
    4. Originality is always appreciated. So, be authentic in your work.
    5. Write an extended essay on our topic using your critical thinking skills. Share your opinion, provide a logical argument, and include references.
    6. Collect valid information about the topic. Study hard and prepare an original piece of writing in the form of an extended Essay. You can search for words related to your topic. Collect information for your extended Essay. You can also download research papers for this purpose.
    7. There is a lot of information available in the form of video lectures. You can watch to those lectures and relate your thinking to the information provided by those channels.

    Idea of Presentation

    Presentation of the extended Essay should be attractive. All the concepts must have detailed explanations. Write more than just to complete the word limit of the Essay. The people who are the moderators and evaluators are very smart. Show your information in the form of data. You can also mention famous quotes from scientists and mathematicians. It will make your extended Essay attractive.

    Conclusion Part and Reference
    • The conclusion is also an essential part of essay writing. There should be kaise reflections on the topics.
    • Sometimes, students sum up very quickly. This could have a better effect on the evaluator. A good conclusion always makes the reader curious to know more about it.
    • You should always note down the resources from where you have chosen the references. 
    • If students don’t write their extended essays sincerely, the evaluator might dislike it. 
     Word Count Suggestions by IB EE Tutors
    • The words mentioned in the title page, content page, and bibliography are not counted as part of the extended Essay. Equations, formulas, diagrams, legends, calculations, and table headings are also not counted.
    • Students should review a few sample extended essays before writing their original extended essays.
    • Students can also collect information from the Internet for their reference. Writing a high-quality extended essay requires hard work and dedication.
    • IB extended essay Tutor always available to help you. You can contact us for any help.