How to Get 7 in Ib Maths hl

How to Get 7 in Ib Maths hl

Many of the students who take services from our IB Maths Tutors got “7” in their IB Maths HL paper people so I believe my suggestion during IB Maths Tuition would be useful regarding this-

I think that students should solve their problems in one go. I don’t believe in following some “10 minutes before your sleep” tips. All your hard work will go in vain if you forget chapter 3 while doing chapter 4 and because many times the hard questions require knowledge across many chapters. What you need is a period of intense and thorough revision, in which your free study time is totally devoted to Math HL.

In the process of revision, students should study the sections one after another. Textbooks split chapters into different sections with practise questions given at the end of each section. If you do not have such a textbook, please buy a good and I think there should be NO “I don’t know how to buy” issue).

Students should follow these instructions-

Instruction 1. Read the whole body of the section carefully. Students should understand it in the best possible way

Instruction 2. Try the practice questions in the order of their difficulty level. you should not waste time on questions which you know, are very easy for you. Make a list of the questions you can’t do. Once the number of the listed questions reached 25-30% of the whole practice set, you should stop solving the questions and go back and study the body text because there is surely some concept that you are still missing. Once you are done with your reading, you can try your listed questions again. If the problem persists, you need expert help. you should go to your teacher or seek online help at ib elite tutor.

If the problem persists, you need expert help. you should go to your teacher or seek online help at Ib elite tutor.

For step 2, two things are possible:

1. You finished the practice set with unsolved listed questions less than 25-30% of the set. Thumbs up!! for yours. now it’s time to move to the next section.

2. If you are not able to cross the 25-30%bench mark you should re-read the sections and do as advised above

Instruction 3. After completing all sections in a chapter. Students should do the questions that they have marked (no matter they have cleared it later or not) again. Seek expert help if the problem persists. After this, repeat the whole process for all other chapters

Instruction 4. Once the Student is done with the whole book, he should do the same thing as in instruction 3 but this time the once-marked questions from the whole book.

Instruction 5. Before the exam, Students Should repeat step 4 as their revision. All exam questions that they cannot do under exam conditions should be marked too.
(Throughout the process, students can seek help from ib elite tutor for their better understanding.)

If a student went through all these, a “7” will be easy (in fact one should expect nearly perfect scores). All the best!

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