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Online Tuitions With IB Elite Tutor

 In Live Online IB Tuitions, our Online IB Tutors and student are not in the same location they use the Internet to teach and learn remotely. The tutor communicates in real-time with the student using Skype or Zoom (Voice over the Internet), a digital pen tablet, enabling tutor and student to interact through a shared whiteboard or paint page (on which both teacher and student can write using different paint tools). Online IB Tutors and students can interact in a fun and dynamic learning environment, choosing an individually customized set of online tools which best help the student achieve his/her academic target. It is like having a tutor sitting right in front of you and is extremely popular with today’s tech-savvy younger generation.

IB Elite Tutor offers LIVE ONLINE TUITION CLASSES for INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (all Groups HL, SL), IGCSE, Cambridge A.I.C.E Diploma, International A-S, A, O- levels, SAT and SAT 2nd (for all subjects). We have 7 years’ of ONLINE TUTORING experience. The service is ‘‘very effective’’ and helps students from anywhere in India and the world to access the leading and finest of tutors. Our online classes have stretched to countries like UK, UAE, USA, Singapore, Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Spain, China Ecuador, Argentina, Hong Kong, Germany Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Oman, Bahrain, Netherlands, Egypt, Qatar, and Japan. With every passing year, the number of our online students is increasing.

IB Elite Tutor’s team of Online tutors is highly experienced and well trained to give online tutoring. Our Live Online tutors have been selected from the highest performing tutors across the world. They have great track records of tutoring students online and bring the best of the International education system.

Why join Live Online IB Tuitions?

  • Best Quality Teachers. Our  Online  Tutors are highly experienced & well qualified IB well Trained teachers. The quality of IB online tutors is far more than IB Home Tutors and avail all the supporting material viz, past ten-year papers chapter wise notes, Chapter wise assignment sheets, chapter wise PPTs and solved past papers to all the students.
  • It’s Effective. Way more effective than face-to-face home tuition.
  • It’s Convenient. A student can access their tutor and have lessons anywhere and anytime.
  • It’s Flexible. A student can fix the time for an online session according to his/her’s comfort and need and it can be done wherever the student happens to be – home, school, travel, university, etc.
  • It’s Simple. All you need is a broadband connection and a Skype account.
  • It’s Safe. Online tutoring avoids the busy and hectic traffic travelling for both tutor and  pupil
  • It’s Fun. Many young people like online IB tuitions (to Face-to-Face) due to their life-long familiarity with computers.

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