Maths Science Resources

Maths Science Resources

Maths and Science Resources are the requirements of the day. I have created this page to help and support my students with the latest videos, PDFs, sample papers, notes, etc.

I will keep this page updated. You can bookmark it and post your views and requirements in the comment section.

For better understanding, Read Sample IA/exploring Volume of a doughnut.


The Volume of a doughnut

Past Paper and Detailed Sample soln 3

Detailed Sample soln 4

Sample Papers & worksheets on Functions

Sample papers & worksheets on Differentiation

Sample papers & worksheets on Functions

Sample papers & worksheets on Maxima & Minima (22-09-15)

Sample papers & worksheets on Log

Sample papers & worksheets on Limits

Worksheets on Limits (22-09-15)

The Mathematics Paper formula booklet plays a very important role. The Maths syllabus was changed in 2014, so students must have an updated copy of the formula booklet.

I have posted a copy here = math HL formula booklet.  

Friends, If you need specific notes or Sample Past papers for any particular exam, you can write to me at Remember to mention your test name and WhatsApp number in the email.

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