IB Tuition Singapore

IB Tuition Singapore. IB Elite Tutor is the only academy that is providing “Dedicated tutoring for IB students Only”. We “Develop a passion for lerning” in our students and help them to maximize their potential. 

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    IB Tuition Singapore

    IB Tuition Singapore

    Singapre is one of the biggest hubs for IB education. There are many top class Singapore IB schools. Singapore IB results are always great. IB Tuition Singapore plays an imortant role in these results.

    We provide following services under IB Tuition Singapore-:

    • IB program tuition
    • IB Tutors in Singapore
    • English language and literature IB tuition
    • IB online tuition
    • IB chinese tuition singapore
    • Chemistry IB tuition singapore
    • IB Math tuition singapore & hl math tuition
    • IB Biology tuition singapore
    • Singapore Maths IB Tuition

    If you are looking for highly qualified & trained IB tutors (International Baccalaureate) DP (Diploma Program), you are in the right place. We are work only with qualified and respectable teachers. We provide the tutors for IB Chemistry, IB Maths, IB Physics, IB Biology, IB Economics, and all other subjects of IBDP. Apart from this, We can provide you, top-notch IB IA Tutors, IB EE Tutors and IB TOK Tutors.

    DP (Diploma Program)

    The program is for 16-19 age group students for taking entry into higher education. This is for those who want to acquire practical knowledge rather than theoretical. In this program, a student needs to study three subjects at Higher Level(HL) and three at Standard Level (SL). It is mainly a broad education with a detailed study.

    Courses Offered By IBDP

    The DP (Diploma Program) is made up of six subject groups:

    • First Language – English
    • Second Language – Spanish, French, etc.
    • Individuals and societies – Business Management, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, etc.
    • Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, etc.
    • Mathematics – Maths HL & SL
    • Art – Dance, Music, Film, Theatre, and Visual arts.

    Students must choose each subject from the above subject groups according to their proficiency. Besides this, you have to fulfill three core requirements, i.e., TOK(Theory Of Knowledge), EE (Extended Essays), and CAS( Creativity, Action, and Service).

    EE (Extended Essays) Tutors

    Writing an extended essay is mandatory for diploma program students. It is suitable for students to conduct an independent investigation. In this, you need to write a research paper about 4000 words on a topic that interests you. So, it will be well defined and structured. Our tutors teach you in a definite manner. We provide you with assessments or past papers for that you can score well. Apart from this, we are looking for the problems that you are facing in writing this.

    TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Tutors

    It is an essay of about 1400-1600 words with an oral presentation. It is a core as well as a mandatory subject for all students of IBDP. However, our expert provides you the elements that are required for writing this. So, for TOK, we followed the pattern that it needs in your IB exam. We give you online classes for better grades in the minimum possible time. We provide you presentations that help you in understanding the concept of TOK. Although, through ppts, videos, and pictures, learning becomes easy, and you know how to write. Our tutoring focuses on ‘how to learn’ rather than ‘what to learn.’

    Our Teaching Criteria

    • We conduct weekly and monthly tests that you can examine yourself
    • We also provide IB past papers that you can quickly revise each topic
    • After every session, we provide notes
    • Weak topics or subjects strengthens through practice daily
    • Homework worksheet is given after completing every topic
    • We provide one on one online teaching that we can resolve every query of each student
    • Recorded video session you can watch again and again to clear all your concepts
    • Flexible tutoring hours, as well as the availability of tutors, is 24*7
    • Ppts, Pdfs, and animated videos also helpful for understanding concepts
    • Before every exam, extra classes are given
    • Connect instantly from anywhere to meet your subject expert

    Why You IB Tuition Singapore?

    We mainly focus on how you can improve your grades as well as acquire knowledge. The only vital points we follow are:

    • Syllabus completion on time 
    • Early coverage of each subject
    • How can you analyze the exam paper?
    • Important techniques for exam
    • Examiner & question needs
    • The trust factor is key

    Syllabus Completion On Time in IB Tuition Singapore

    We ensure that the completion of your IBDP course syllabus is on time. Furthermore, we update our notes from time to time as per the IB curriculum. Also, we always look forward to the changes in the IB. We focus on the demand of your subject and try to complete it on time. We design a schedule in a way that you can also have time for revision. Our primary focus on that you can score as much as high.

    Early Coverage Of Each Subject

    The most important thing is that time management plays a vital role in getting a perfect 7. Our qualified tutors teach you in a manner that you can cover each subject in a given time.

    You hear this famous phrase,” The Time Flies, but the best part is that you are the Pilot.” So, according to this, we manage your time and efficiency and give the best tutoring service, apart from this. Our DP tutors keep in mind that they cover a subject according to student capacity. Coverage of each thing on-time makes an institute excellent. It is essential for us that your time is valuable. So, with full concentration and the demand, we give our best in the minimum possible time.

    How Can IB Tuition Singapore help to Analyze The Exam Paper?

    Our IBDP tutors help you to solve past papers that you can analyze the question paper. We also provide previous year’s sample papers and worksheets that students understand the concept of the exam. In IB, both HL & SL’s final assessments comprise 20% of an internal evaluation and 80% external evaluation. Also, each subject consists of three papers:

    Paper-I (MCQs), Paper-II (short answer and extended response questions), Paper-III has two sections; Section A ( one data-based question and short answer questions), Section B ( short answer and comprehensive response questions)

    According to the exam criteria, we conduct assessments that you can practice well for your exam. Also, you can find our teaching method reliable according to the student’s needs.

    Important techniques for exam
    • Manage your time according to the exam
    • Always start with writing a formula
    • Show your methods clearly
    • In MCQ’s always be sure to your answer, Don’t use the trial & error method
    • Give your response with full accuracy
    • Draw sketch or diagram even if it not asked
    • After completing a solution, quickly check it
    • Not to use the long process until they asked
    Examiner & Question Needs

    It is vital that what does the examiner wants? And How can we write a perfect answer?. So, keep in mind that write your response according to the examiner’s needs. You have to complete your solution in a definite manner. Furthermore, accuracy is essential for getting higher grades. You can illustrate or demonstrate your answer in a logical way. Through our worksheets & assignments, you can easily understand how to do it.

    Moreover, always write all the critical aspects of the answer. Simultaneously, after analyzing the whole question, any single thing you know do it. Make your answer according to the examiner’s needs. It is possible when you practice daily. Also, we make a customized curriculum that you can do this.

    The Trust Factor Is Key

    Trust is what makes an online industry works. It is hard to find those who can give services according to our needs. So, when we provide you the best, we also want to pay out the best in good grades. On the other hand, trust is a bridge between teacher and student that ends up the key to success. Thus, We ensure that every student must get marks as high as they deserve. Also, we think motivation is the key to a better result. Besides, the technology we used can make us a better tutoring solution. Apart from this, a student can also ask whenever he/she is stuck in between any session.

    In Conclusion

    As a result, we provide tutoring services according to the need of students and demand for IB. Sometimes, everything seems easy, but it does not that simple. So, to make it easy, you need some assistance. Hence, for this, every time, our tutors are always available. Also, our online IBDP tutors ensure that you attain grades as much high as you want. Lastly, through our tutoring service, you get the optimum result.

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