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    Do not try to play for the gallery. The student has to present his analysis and finding to his supervisor through three mandatory reflection sessions. However, the extended Essay after submission is externally assessed by an examiner appointed by the IB. A student is awarded grade/band ranging from excellent to mediocre to elementary level. So, once you have decided to take the help of a mentor, ensure that you understand every bit of it.

    IB Extended Essay Tutors

    IB Elite Tutor offers help to IB students so that they can write their ia/tok themselves and get a perfect grade. Extended Essay is a requirement for students opting Diploma Program and the Essay, is a self-guided research paper of around 4000 words. Students have to choose a topic of interest. It should relate to one of the six opted subjects for the diploma. 

    Candidate writing an extended essay on a topic should formulate the research question carefully because the IB board expects that the candidate has engaged in a personal exploration of the problem. And it would convey the idea of research and final findings through finely knitted, clear and concise writing skills. Altogether, the sense of logical argument and analysis must prevail throughout the Essay. Extended essays measure the analytical and comprehensive capabilities of a student towards research.

    Learn Time Management With our IB EE Tutors

    Rome was not built in one day. No one can write an extended essay in a few days. EE needs time and time slips without even whispering. First, decide how much time you are going to devote to EE. It should be a weekly schedule. Have a robust continuous will power to write, and this takes you higher. The spur of the moment is anxiety and leads you nowhere. Do not think “I can prepare EE in the last one month.” Also keep at the back of mind that you have to balance time writing TOK, IA, and EE.

    Online extended Essay Tutors

    Decide a Topic in Your IB Extended Esaay Tuition

    The next big thing is to decide on the topic. It is not an easy task, and one key idea can help you, think about what you have studied in your syllabus and recall what you liked the most in it. Brainstorm the topic and write critical keywords. If you could write about fifty words on each keyword, the problem surely would be near those keywords. Browse the web carefully around the keywords. I am sure you will find the topic. 

     In case you are not able to still find the topic take the help of the mentor. Ask him to suggest some items, choose the one that suits you. But there is a catch, don’t be driven away with complexity or degree of difficulty of the topic. Chose the one which you can handle and comprehend.

    Suggestion to prepare your EE with our IB Extended Essay Tutors 

    The advice is to prepare in bits. This means that build the EE in stages, i.e., develop draft one then two and so on. Please write, either on-page or on the computer, do not have the thing in the air it would not materialize. The writing work is the measure of your ability to write EE.

    Title of Extended Essay- The title must be clear and focused and should inform the reader about the content. The title need not be in question mode but should indicate the aim of the Essay.

    Who Can be helpful?- EE is meaningful only when its content has some originality and not predictable. This means that you think in-depth on a topic and must have something of your own to say. The EE cannot be bookish. If you want originality, then the thorough study of matter is essential. Therefore collect study material related to the topic. How to do it? The answer is, browse critical words related to your topic.

    The Internet would provide a lot of content. Download research paper but only belonging to useful journals. Listen to video lectures related to the topic of EE. GOOGLE SCHOLAR and PLOS (Public library of Sciences) are generally of great help. Video lectures include an example that gives a good understanding of the topic. Listening to standards has a tickling effect on the brain and so produces new thoughts. This would bring originality in the work. If these things are not working to visit universities or good colleges near you and reach professors, they can help you a great deal.

    Ideas of Presentations by Our IB EXtented Essay Tutor

    Always include an example to explain concepts. Models present the understanding ability of the author, but the models must be relevant. Do not fill fancy words in the Essay; the moderators and evaluators are smarter than you. Data Presentation through the table is necessary. Illustration, wherever required, should be purposefully and necessarily be included. Quotes by scientists of famous personality can be included; they add to the presentation of EE a lot.

    Lets Talk Mathematics- The topic for mathematics may be from areas of engineering, science, social science, and statistics with mathematics at its base. The extended Essay should grow on the topic and reach the mentioned conclusion. Quality and measurable outcomes are what is desired. A student is expected to extend the knowledge base required writing the Essay a little beyond what comprises the mathematics curriculum of the Diploma course. Extended Essay is an opportunity for the candidate to present his ability in learning and practicing mathematics. 

    Help from our Online IB Extended Essay Tutors 

    Our IB mentors are highly qualified and have a good number of years of experience in research and analysis, more than 15 years, to guide the student in preparing their Extended essay Internal assessment. They provide an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the subject to every student so that they can try to write an extended essay. The mentors are confident that they can assist and guide each student to gain and attain their highest academic potential. Our IB mentors are knowledgeable, intelligent to create interest in the mind of students regarding their subject’s extended Essay and internal assessments. They guide the student to high-level research, improve their reading and writing skills, and help to carve their talent creatively.

    How Does IB mentor help?

    Our IB mentors help choose a topic on which student seeks help regarding EE and internal assessment. If the student does not have the choice of opts that mentor does it, this is also feasible. Although, mentors encourage students to choose something that motivates them. The mentors retain themselves with the student through every task involved in writing an essay and would never resign. So students should work hard to match the motivation of our mentor. The mentor would take the student through every concept-building activity through examples and with illustrations. The mentors ensure that the students reach to its fullest.

    Our IB Extended Essay Tutors hope to listen from you for any kind of help related to EE of IA. Rest assured for prompt and reliable conversation.