• Permutations and Combinations-algebra tutors

    Permutations and Combinations(part-2) In the previous post, we discussed the fundamental principle of counting and various methods of permutations. In this post, I shall discuss combinations in details. Meaning of Combination […]

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  • Permutation and Combination

    Permutations and Combinations ‘Permutations and Combinations‘ is the next post of my series Online Maths Tutoring. It is very useful and interesting as a topic. It’s also very useful in solving […]

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  • Applications of Integration

    Applications of Integration In my previous posts, we discussed Definite and Indefinite Integrations. Now we shall learn about Applications of Derivatives. Initially, we shall discuss “Area Under Curves”. Area Under […]

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  • Definite Integration-Topics in IB Mathematics

    Definite Integration In the previous post, we discussed indefinite integration. Now we shall discuss definite integration ► Definite Integration- We already know that      this c here is an integral constant. we […]

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  • Indefinite Integration

    Indefinite Integration-Topics in IB Mathematics

    Indefinite Integration After a long series on differentiation and ‘Application of derivatives’, Online IB Tutors will now discuss Indefinite Integration. It consists of two different words indefinite and integration. First […]

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