Advantages of Class 10th Cbse Board Exams

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Advantages of Class 10th CBSE

Board Exams-

We all are well aware that according to the decision made by HRD ministry, all CBSE school will go through a centralised board exam for class 10th from the 2017-18 sessions. As the time of exams coming closer, there is a feeling of anxiety amongst the students and their parents. Whenever I meet parents of my students, they all ask a few similar questions. How will be the question paper on boards? will it be very difficult? How will be the evaluation made? will it be very strict? All these questions seem to be silly but this shows their anxiety towards boards. But as a professional teacher, I consider that this is a decision in the right direction.

Class 10th board exams are far more beneficial for students  in comparison to school exams, here we have a few benefits:

1) These exams give students a fair idea about the exams far away from the home atmosphere of their schools and teachers.

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Students will find them better mentally prepare for other out school competitive exams

2) A student will find a level playing field across the country and can prepare him/her self for a pan India competition. This exam ensures discipline amongst the students and is a standardised yardstick for assessing students in schools in the whole country. There may be chances of discrimination in school exams because some school exam papers might be really easy while some might be very difficult.

3) There is a scope of improvement in marks/grades for a student who works hard throughout the year.

Because final marks-sheet  is based on single board exam conducted at the end of year while its based on comprehensive system in c.c.e system

4)A student has to write a test for the whole syllabus so he/she has to revise it many times , it helps him/her make a strong academic base.

5) Board exams provides students and parents with a fair idea about student’s strengths and weaknesses and help them decide about their future studies and streams

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6) A lot of people talks about excessive pressure in board exams but I consider it a myth. I have seen a lot of students under immense pressure just because of their school exams. If a student plans his studies properly and does a proper revision, he/she will have never be in pressure.

8) CBSE has provided with sample papers and sample marking scheme for each subject students can see them and plan their preparation accordingly. It provides transparency and standardisation in the whole system

7)  The biggest advantage of board exam is that it doesn’t have any disadvantage in comparison to school exams

besides all these benefits, uniformity in the whole system makes it easy to deliver for teachers too so lets enjoy boards and get us best prepared for coming academic session

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