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IB Maths tutors suggest a few tips & tricks for IB Maths Exam. In whole IB curriculum, IB Mathematics is perhaps the most difficult programme. IBO offers four different levels of the course based on individual needs and interests of students.
⯈ Further Mathematics studies standard level

⯈ Mathematics Standard level (SL)

⯈ Mathematics Higher level (HL)

⯈ Further Mathematics Higher level

Students should choose above subjects according to their future needs and their interests in the subject. IB Teachers are supposed to spend 240 hours for teaching IB Mathematics (HL) and 150 hours in teaching SL.
Students are required to do a lot of hard work and a proper planning to excel in this challenging curriculum. The whole process of performing IB Mathematics can be divided into three parts.<img src="ib maths tutors.png" alt="ib maths tutors">

IB Maths Tutor Preparation Tips

(i) While preparing for your exams You may find some topics very interesting while some are not. Some may be easy for you but some may be very difficult. But you should understand that questions will be asked from the whole syllabus and marks matters a lot to you so you can’t afford to ignore any chapter/topic. Our IB Maths Tutors help you to prepare the whole syllabus without any difficulty

(ii) Our Ib Maths tutors suggest you to keep course formula booklet always with you when you are are preparing for the exam and solving questions from chapters. Looking for formulas from the booklet will make you familiar with it and this will save your time to find formulas while writing your exams. Though you are provided with a new formula booklet at the time of the exam.

Strong understanding of concepts-

(iii) Before you start solving questions, Our Ib Maths tutors make you learn all the concepts properly, note key points and make short notes with a pencil in your book. Once you are done with all the questions of a chapter/topic from your book, Our Ib Maths tutors make sure that you try extra questions on the same topic. For extra questions, either you can try IB question banks or search our IB Tutor blog because exam questions are always a bit more difficult than book questions

(iv) Our Ib Maths tutors take chapter end test, unit test and full syllabus mock test. Take all these tests very seriously. Write them in full preparation and with full devotion. These are really important to check your progress in a chapter/unit. If you do bad in these tests, you should sit with your teacher to re-learn it or hire an IB tutor. Otherwise, this ill-prepared topic will harm you during main exam time

Revision Tips by IB Maths Tutors-: 

IB Maths syllabus is so vast that it becomes very difficult to remember it for the long period of two years. Our Ib Maths tutors ensure comprehensive revision. Many students directly revise their chapters/topics from the book and solve extra questions for their revision. This takes a lot more time and doesn’t give an insight of exam style questions. So Our Ib Maths tutors advice to do a quick-revision of theory from your book. Your previously written pencil notes will help you a lot to revise theory. After this, They help you to do a thorough revision with the help of Past Year Ib Papers. The more you solve past papers, the more you come close to success. Just to give a final touch to your revision you can write 3-4 MOCK tests. It should be done on a fixed exam and that too in an exam like manner.

Writing Exams Tips from IB Maths Tutors-:

After preparation and after doing a comprehensive revision, Our Ib Maths tutors suggest that you should be careful about following things while writing your exams

(i) You should read the whole question paper very calmly and first solve the questions which are easier for us. Don’t waste much time on the difficult questions. This will lead you to the shortage of time for the other questions, resulting in silly mistakes.

(ii) You should be careful with algebraic short-cuts. It’s better to avoid them. You should provide right explanations/notes with your algebraic work. Not doing so may result in bad grades

(iii) Diagrams and graphs are the main attractions of your answer So make them large, neat and clean. Label them properly.

(iv) You should avoid writing approximate answers. It can only be done when it’s not possible to get an exact answer.

(v) Don’t skip a question just because you aren’t able to solve its first part. Sometimes the questions are designed such that you can solve the second part of it in spite of the fact that you are not able to solve first part. So it’s better to read all the parts of a question carefully.

Use of GDC-

(vi) You should be quick and correct with your GDC. Check it properly before you go in the exam hall (batteries etc.). Sometimes it may show the wrong graph so always check whether the results shown by GDC are making sense or not. If you are solving Trigonometric problems, you must set it to the correct angle mode (The degree or the radians). While writing paper 2, don’t assume that you will have to use your calculator for each and every question. There may questions in paper 2 that can be solved without GDC

(vi) Use of GDC is not allowed on paper 1 so you need to be very careful with your manual calculations. There is no way to cross-check them.

(vii) You should take a deep sleep and have a nice breakfast!!

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