IB PYP Tutors

IB Primary Year Programme (IB PYP) is designed for students aged from 3 to 12 years. Students need to learn languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Technology, Physical Education etc. Assessment is carried out by teachers according to the instructions given by IB.
All our IB PYP tutors are qualified and experienced teachers. Most of them are working in reputed IB world schools.

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Salient Features of IB PYP Tutors

IB PYP Tutors help students in their presentations, demonstrations, performance tasks, portfolios, interviews, tests, quizzes, portfolios, reflection journals, class discussions, and the 5th Grade Exhibition.

► Our IB PYP Tutors help students to perform well in their formative assessment

► PYP Tutors help students  to express different points of view and interpretations so they can perform well in their assessments

► Our Tutors help students in their summative assessments so that they can demonstrate what they have learned in a particular unit
► IB PYP Tutors engage students with continuous comprehensive testing so that they are well prepared at the time of their assessments

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