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To begin with, it is vital to recognize that TOK is about rigorously questioning what knowledge is and how we acquire it.
When IB TOK Tutors compare TOK to other academic disciplines, they find that sometimes it takes a while for students to grasp that TOK is encouraging them to question. “How they know what they know” instead of memorizing facts and figures.<img src="ib tok tutors.png" alt="ib tok tutors">

How do IB TOK Tutors help students

For the TOK essay, IB TOK Tutors encouragethe students to first break down and analyse the statement or question itself, making sure to define how they understand it’s key terms in the essay introduction. Our IB Tutors guide students in exploring abstract ideas and theoretical questions in specific, real-world case studies and examples. The key to TOK is being able to clearly articulate your ideas and questions. It should be in a way, relating to either other academic disciplines or real-world situations. It is exciting to push students to combine unexpected case studies to support their essay arguments. Additionally, it is vital to ensure that students think strategically about primary and secondary sources, allowing this to inform the refinement of their work. Our IB TOK Tutors encourage students to think outside of the box. When they do researching, seeking sources that show to what extent they are considering their questions from multiple angles.
Our IB TOK Tutors teach students to continuously cite all of their sources to ensure the validity and value of their work, to show they are conscious of how they themselves are gathering knowledge. For TOK essay, Our IB Online Tutors propose the inclusion of memory as a fifth way of knowing, situating their discussion in History and Theatre Arts. Our IB Tutor’s interest in questioning how they know inspire them to tutor students in TOK.

TOK Essay and TOK Presentation

It is important for students to pursue deep and complex research, but then work to concisely present it with images, three-dimensional models or live enactments.
Our IB TOK Tutors work with their students to determine their research question, develop their arguments and case studies and then plan the presentation. Our tutors encourage to consider the presentation as an opportunity to present chronologically the most important points of their exploration, to provoke further questions and discussion. The presentation is as much about the research as about how the students prepare to present and speak in front of a group, and then answer questions. For my TOK presentation, they questioned the necessity of interviews in terms of which ways of knowing they draw upon. There are a few key points that will help students in their IB TOK presentation 
Students must select a real-life situation
You should make a logical knowledge question but it must not be very difficult
Students must use standard TOK terminology in their presentation work
You must avoid discussing your real-life situations too much
Avoid using too much RLs
Don’t read text from your flashcards, this may make IB Examiners believe that you are not familiar with it

IB TOK Tutor’s Approach

IB TOK Tutors are confident in supporting their students. They help students through Skype and Google Docs. They offer help in colors coded edits, citation additions and points for further information and analysis. In terms of coursework, our  IB TOK Tutors can support in research, development, structure, and refinement. Their schedule is incredibly flexible. It means that IB TOK Tutors can call the student and provide ongoing correspondence support.
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IB Biology Tutors

Help by IB Biology Tutors

IB Elite Tutor provides the most experienced, qualified and highly trained IB Biology tutors who take pride in helping their students. Our IB tutors use the latest technology i.e videos, software, quick notes etc to help their students to get a 7 in IB Biology HL.
Here our IB biology tutors are sharing a few tips and tricks to get a 7 in Biology HL.<img src="ib biology tutors.jpg" alt="ib biology tutors"> Read more

IB Chemistry Tutors

7 Tips by IB Chemistry Tutors

As an experienced Tutor at IB Elite Tutor and in Various IB World schools, I have met many students who struggled with IB HL Chemistry. They were troubled and daunted by a large amount of content and the difficulty level of questions. They lacked an understanding of the theory and thus the skills required to solve exam questions. Therefore our IB Chemistry Tutors are suggesting a 7 step strategy to help all those struggling with Chemistry HL.<img src="ib chemistry tutors.jpg" alt="ib chemistry tutors"> Read more

IB Economics Tutors

IB Economics Tutors say that Economics HL is one of the easiest HL subjects in IB, but it is only with high motivation, a hard work ethic, and the help of the smartest IB Online Tutors that one gets a level 7. Below are the subsections by which you can study, prepare, and nail your final exams.

The following textbook is required for this course.

<img src="IB Economics Tutors.jpg" alt="IB Economics Tutors"> Read more

IB Physics Tutors

“HL Physics is one of the hardest subjects in IB, and it is only with the good guidance of IB Physics Tutors, a hard work ethic, and smart studying that one gets a level 7.”

As an experienced IB Physics Tutors, I am sharing a few tips that can help you to get a 7 in IB Physics HL<img src="IB Physics Tutors.jpg" alt="IB Physics Tutors"> Read more

Trigonometric Identities

There are a lot of relationships amongst trigonometric ratios like Sin, Cos, Tan etc. There are many relationships which are true for all values of the variables. Read more

How to score Seven in IB Maths HL

I have already written a post on how to score 7 in IB Maths HL. Other than this a lot of articles and posts are available on the internet for the same topic. But, I know many students who spoil their grades because of paper 2 or paper 3.
This post is especially about doing an excellent preparation for IB Maths HL Paper 2 and 3

<img src="IB Maths HL.jpg" alt="IB Maths HL"> Read more

IB Math Tutors series- Calculus

Our  Ib Math tutors understand that calculus is one of the most important topics. 40 teaching hours are given for Sl calculus(27% of total time) and 48 hours are given for HL calculus(20% of total time) and that is maximum in IB math. After understanding the importance of calculus we have written many posts on this topic. A few of them are: Read more

How to get best results from your online ib tuition

IB Elite Tutor works with its motive to “Develop a passion for learning”. We are a premier tutoring institute that has been founded in 2011 to provide Online IB tuitions and IB tuitions in Delhi,Gurgaon,Noida,Banglore,Hyderabad,Mumbai, and Chennai to the students of International BaccalaureateIB MYP, IB IA, IB DP (all Groups-HL, SL), Cambridge A&AS Level, O-level,IGCSE/GCSE, SAT/ACT (all subjects) in this competitive time with the most experienced, trained and qualified online IB tuitions experts. Our online ib tuitions are carried in the simplest way.

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Binomial Theorem

The formula by which any positive integral power of a  binomial expression can be expanded in the form of a series is known as  Binomial  Theorem. If   x, y ∈ R and n∈N,  then

(x + y)n = nC0 xn + nC1 xn-1 y + nC2 xn-2y2 + ….. + nCrxn-r yr + ….. + nCnyn =nCr xn – r yr

This theorem can be proved by Induction method.

<img src="binomial theorem.png" alt="binomial theorem">


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