How to Become a Good Learner in Classroom or in Online sessions

Every moment of our life offers something to learn.We should always be ready to grab the opportunity.In this post, I have tried to identify characteristics of a good learner in classroom as well as with online tutors

Positive Attitude- A positive attitude plays a very important part in improving our learning capacities.Actually, its the backbone of our learning capacities.If we believe that we can do it, we will surely be able to accomplish the work <img src="good learner.png" alt="good learner">

Good Listener- whenever any students in my classroom or in online sessions say that he/she didn’t understand my explanation, I ask them to repeat what I told them.Most of the time they are unable to repeat my statement.This is because they missed what I told.This observation shows that if you are not a good listener, you will find it difficult to understand the things in the classroom as well as in online sessions. So all the time we should listen to our online tutors or instructors in the classroom

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Good Concentration- We should send the creative part of our brain to rest while we are in the classroom and try to focus on the instructions of our teachers or online tutors.If we concentrate on the topic, we will be able to listen and understand better. For sure, this will make us a better classroom  learner

Able to Share- A learner should be able to share his/her ideas, he/she shouldn’t think that that idea is right or wrong.
In the same way, learners shouldn’t hesitate to share their knowledge with their teachers. They should not think that they will be mocked by others if they are wrong.
Fear of being wrong should be dropped before entering the classroom. The thought of fear of being mocked can destroy your learning more than anything else. Learners should be ready to ask questions when facing problems.But at the same time, they must ensure that instructor’s or online tutor’s flow isn’t broken and others aren’t disturbed by them

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Doing Home Work in Time- Perhaps, this is the most important part of a learner’s profile. He/she must complete his/her homework get it checked on time by the instructors or the online tutors.This must be done on a regular basis. All the assignments/worksheets should be submitted on time and in a proper format.This will help the learner to correct the possible mistake and support a better exam preparation.
Determination-When we are starting our new session as a learner and entering into the classroom, we should be determined to complete our learning goals.Problems may occur, our strategies to counter them may change. But one thing should be stable all the time. that’s our determination to complete our learning goals.

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