Top Tricks to Excel in IB Physics Examination

Top Tricks to Excel in IB Physics Examination. Our expers has shared a few tips & tricks so that you can get a perfect 7 in IB Physics Examination.

For those who don’t like maths

If you are not good at maths, don’t go for HL maths. It is not mandatory to take HL Physics with HL maths. You can choose SL maths as well. Hence, don’t worry and choose wisely. Focus on learning or understanding concepts with proper analysis.

Find out the reason for interconnection between topics

Get engaged yourself in finding the connection between the derivations of Physics. For instance, as you know that mechanics are the basis of Physics. So,
you have to challenge your potential and keep searching to find the interconnection between the topics of mechanics. When you find yourself in a situation where you lack your interest in studying Physics. Go through those YouTube channels that interest you, and you can understand the topic easily.

Never forget to practice past papers

According to our experts, IB Physics papers are pretty hard and also time-consuming. So, you have to practice a lot to speed up your writing skills. Apart from that, you also practice past papers seriously until and unless you get skilled. If you want a perfect 7, you only need to focus on those chapters with a good weightage. And also, skip uninteresting chapters. So, leave it whenever you feel confused or irritated about any topic.

Make a formula booklet & Approach a good tutor 

You don’t have to forget this. Keep mandatory on yourself to make a formula booklet. Make it a habit so that it is easy to learn any formula. This is helpful, handy, and accessible during the study.
Make your way to remember each equation. Also, memorizing those equations helps in finishing a paper on time. So, you have to put all the derivations and constants in your head to save your time.
If you want to remove any confusion regarding any topic, take a Physics Teacher’s help. It’s a very good and easiest way to understand the perfect picture you’re stuck in. So, without wasting your time, seek help and get the solution.

Be attentive to your marking scheme

Keep the focus on those key topics that contain high marks since four marks question needs a more detailed answer than 2 or 3 marks question. So, study according to the IB marking scheme. It is very beneficial in avoiding irrelevant things. And always starts from the basic, don’t jump instantly onto the trickiest part.