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    IB IA Online Tutors

    IB Elite Tutor offers help to IB students so that they can write their ia/tok themselves and get a perfect grade. We offer our services for all IB groups and almost all IB subjects. As far as Internal assessments are concerned, we provide the following services :

    • Help in selecting a topic for your IA
    • Help in understanding the structure and formation of an IA
    • Instructional help for writing your IA
    • Review or Mock moderation of your prepared IA

    The necessity of IB IA Online Tutors

    In the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) the IA is like an opportunity for students to explore their interests and showcase their skills. It encourages you to develop an investigational skill in different mathematical ideas. Furthermore, the criterion is fixed for constructing, guiding, evaluating, and, analyzing it.

    Apart from this, it contains 24 marks of your exam i.e. 20% in all. So, it should be well organized. Now, focus on the things that make it efficient. Firstly, keep in mind that how can you interpret your data correctly? Secondly, the analysis and approaches you consider is accurate or not.

    So, these are the following points you have to remember during your research

    • Choosing the research question wisely is essential for making your IA prosperous
    • Try to think innovative but don’t make it too original
    • A topic can be simple or modified but have some uniqueness
    • Investigation or exploration is boost your research
    • Good analysis make it best
    • IB IA Online Tutors helps in avoiding mistakes and errors
    • Understand the pattern of IA from the templates of past students
    • Optimize your research through available resources
    • Demonstrate your project in a comprehensive manner
    • Generate qualities using statistics examples
    • Lastly, establish the IA with logical arguments and conclusions

    How IB IA Online Tutors benefit you?

    When you understand the concept of IA and also explore it carefully but still how can you consider that it is perfectly assigned or not? So, guidance is necessary to take the right path. For this, our expert IB IA Online Tutors help in analyzing and speed up your research. Also, help to frame your work to increase your grades. Furthermore, help in creating a connection with your examiner through IA. Get the guidance that helps you in achieving a perfect 7 score.

    We know it is the hardest thing about your diploma. So, we try to make it presentable through evaluating or examining. In addition, we always looking over your research and help in avoiding misinterpreting your data.

    We mainly focus on:

    • The topic that genuinely interests you and helps in making the positive outcome
    • The idea of the concept that helps in building communication with your examiner
    • How you correlate your topic with the real-life situation?
    • That you meet the criteria of IA i.e., Personal engagement, mathematical representation, evaluation, analysis and, communication
    • How can you establish a clear structure of your math IA?
    • The interpretation of your mathematical data correctly
    • How to write a captivating IA?
    • That our specialized IB IA Online Tutors or subject matter experts guide you through one-on-one tutoring
    • Fulfill all your requirement and needs according to the student’s capability
    • How do you think of innovation? And how you manage your time wisely?
    • The strategies that help in making you an effective learner

    These are the few IA ideas that help in getting perfect 7

    It is the trickiest part that every IB student goes through it. Hope it may help you in making your IA perfect.

    • Investigating the sequence of Pythagoras theorem in the triplet form
    • How does mathematics help in preventing traffic jams?
    • Investigate the working of magic squares
    • Find the area of optimization of various polygons
    • What is the mathematics behind the designing of a parachute?
    • How long it would take to crack or guess the password?
    • Explore and evaluate the L hospital rule
    • Finding the complex root of a quadratic equation
    • How graphical representation help in optimizing the volume of cuboids?
    • Explore the examples that based on the projectile motion e.g., How cannon works?
    • What is the impact on the earth when an asteroid or meteorite hit it?
    • Explain as well as explore the frequencies between the music notes
    • How can you predict volcanic eruptions through Poisson distribution?
    • What is the probability to win a game of TIC TAC TOE? Is there any strategy?
    • How can we use game theory in psychology and economics?
    • Can you prove that? A figure has an infinite surface area but a finite volume
    • Through modeling find the volume of a rugby ball
    • Investigate the mathematics behind the radioactive decay
    • Calculate and explain the rate of afforestation and deforestation
    • Explore Chinese Remainder Theorem

    Do’s and Don’ts in case of IA

    Many students messed up and didn’t know how to overcome. They didn’t know whether they are on the right path or not. So, we help you how to deal with these problems?

    These are the numerous points you have to remember while writing your Math’s IA:


    a.    Justifies clearly why you chose this topic

    b.    Give strong or concise introduction

    c.     Use appropriate math terminology

    d.    Collect your own data and write your own observation

    e.    The research question must have some global perspective

    f.      Make it substantial or easy to understand


    a.    Don’t repeat statements again and again

    b.    Omit irrelevant or unconnected information

    c.     Don’t copy the whole idea of your textbook

    d.    Don’t limit yourself to the basic math calculation

    e.    Also, don’t complicate yourself by choosing a complex topic

    f.      Don’t need to reread several times or maintain a logical sequence


    Mathematical Representation or Usage

    The main thing about your IB IA Online Tutors is data interpretation. In it, you have to use precise mathematical terms. So, you can easily connect with your examiner. For instance, use universal symbols and notations. Also, make it presentable through different types of graphs, charts and, tables, etc. Show creativity or originality when solving any problem or expression. Try to find out mathematical errors and give proper justification. Articulate every working principle and derivation related to your topic. Define each limitation and assumption with respect to the context. Give logical reasoning to every exception. Use multiple forms of communication to define key terms. Try to write step by step so; it is easy for the examiner to understand.

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    Note: We only offer Tutoring help so that IB students can write their IB IA, IB TOK, IB EE themselves.