Q: What is the IB Elite Tutor?

Ib Elite Tutor is a premium tutoring institute that provides dedicated home and online tutoring to the students of IB, IGCSE, Cambridge and other International educational boards.

Q: How does ibelitetutor.com work?

ibelitetutor.com provides home and online tutoring services in more than 40 subjects. You just need to drop a message regarding your requirement, we shall suggest 3-4 tutors suitable to your requirement. You can fix a demo session with the tutor on a mutually agreed time.

Q: What are the charges of a demo class?

You can get a 1 hr trial session that is completely free. you will pay nothing for this

Q: How Much does the tuition cost?

Tuition fee differs from tutor to tutor. It varies from 10 $ per hour to 50 $ per hour according to the experience,  qualification, and popularity of a tutor. we talk to you and suggest tutors that suit you in every way.

Q: What is the length of a tutoring session?

Generally, a tutoring session lengths 1 hour but it can be adjusted according to student’s requirement

Q: Do we get the same tutors in the home and online tutoring sessions?

Though we only work with trained and experienced tutors yet the quality of online tutors far more than others. these are professionals chosen from throughout the globe who are committed for helping students “To Score Better Grades”

ib free demo class

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