FAQ – Some Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ- Here are answers to some frequently asked questions so our students can better understand our tutoring services. Feel free to drop a Whatsapp message @ +919911262206 if you have any other unique queries.

What is the IB Elite Tutor?

IB Elite Tutor is a premium tutoring institute that provides dedicated home and online tutoring to students of IB, IGCSE, Cambridge, and other International educational boards. We have been offering tutoring services to IB, IGCSE, O & A-Level students since 2010.

Who are these tutors & how do you choose them?

IB Elite Tutor hires IB Online Tutors from top IB schools only. There are a lot of reputed IB academies that are flexible in choosing their teachers. Any student or teacher can go there, pay some fee and work as a tutor. But only work like them. We only hire teachers who have prior IB school experience for more than 5 years. It makes our work easy & helps us to maintain quality in our service. So every time you hire a teacher from IB Elite Tutor, you get an experienced IB school teacher.

How does IB Elite Tutor work?

ibelitetutor.com provides home and online tutoring services in more than 40 subjects. You need to drop a message regarding your requirement. We shall suggest 3-4 tutors suitable to your requirement. You can fix a demo session with the tutor at a mutually agreed time. We can summarize our methodology in three simple steps:
Fill out the form or whatsapp @ +919911262206 & an academic counsellor will instantly contact you.
Discuss your requirement with the counsellors & suggest a suitable time for a free demo class
Counsellors will conform with the teacher & share teachers’ linkedin profiles, where you can find their experience and academic qualification. We share Linkedin profiles so that you can find teachers’ real credentials. 
Once you are ok with the teacher’s profile, we shall send the class a Zoom or Google meet link.
If you like the demo & wish to go ahead, we will share a payment link. Probably PayPal or bank account link.
Once you pay, we share the teacher’s direct no so that you can directly schedule & coordinate your classes. 

Can we also get help for our IA/EE/TOK?

You can get Internal Assessments, Extended Essays & Theory of Knowledge tutoring. But sometimes students or parents get confused with the word “help” & “support”. So, here are some important things regarding IA/EE/TOK tutoring that We usually share with every student in general-:
IA/EE/TOK classes are held so that you can understand your work, clear your doubts and then write your ia, tok or ee yourself.
2. You are not supposed to share your draft work via email, Google Docs, or any other means at any stage.
3. For feedback or review purposes, you can go into a Google meeting, show your work to the teachers on a shared screen and then take feedback. 
3. There must be no sharing of IA/ ee / tok with anybody, including the teacher.
4. Pls excuse us for this; as an academy, we aren’t responsible for any leak or plagiarism if you share anything with the teacher without our consent.

What are the charges of a demo class?

You can get a 30 min trial session that is completely free. You will pay nothing for this.

How Much does the tuition cost?

Tuition fee differs from tutor to tutor. It varies from 10 $ per hour to 50 $ per hour according to a tutor’s experience, qualifications, and popularity. We talk to you and suggest tutors that suit you in every way.

Q: What is the length of a tutoring session?

Generally, a tutoring session lasts 1 hour, but We can adjust it according to the student’s requirements.

Do we get the same tutors in the home and online tutoring sessions?

Though we only work with trained and experienced tutors, the quality of online tutors is far more than others. These are professionals chosen from throughout the globe who are committed to helping students “To Score Better Grades.”

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