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7 Tips by IB Chemistry Tutors

As an experienced Tutor at IB Elite Tutor and in Various IB World schools, I have met many students who struggled with IB HL Chemistry. They were troubled and daunted by a large amount of content and the difficulty level of questions. They lacked an understanding of the theory and thus the skills required to solve exam questions. Therefore our IB Chemistry Tutors are suggesting a 7 step strategy to help all those struggling with Chemistry HL.<img src="ib chemistry tutors.jpg" alt="ib chemistry tutors">

Choose Wisely between HL, SL, and Options

HL Chemistry is far more complex and difficult than SL Chemistry. All of SL Chemistry core can easily be covered in one year. HL topics are vast and intellectually tougher. In previous years, 14% of students scored a 7 with SL Chemistry while 26 % of students scored a 7 with HL Chemistry. This doesn’t mean that HL Chemistry is easier than SL. It means that more intelligent and hardworking students are opting for HL Chemistry. One should go for HL Chemistry only if he/she has a special interest in the subject. In case of options, our IB Chemistry Tutors suggest going for Modern Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. Questions asked on these topics are usually easy and based on the book.

Strong Theoretical Knowledge

IB Chemistry Tutors advice to attain a very strong theoretical understanding of each chapter and each concept before starting to solve questions. Otherwise, students will do the same mistakes again and again. The best way to prepare your theory is to pay attention to your IB Chemistry Tutors during your tuition or in your online IB tutoring sessions. The theoretical knowledge will not only help you to understand the questions but it will also help you to solve them.

Coverage of each and every point of the syllabus

The IB can only examine that which is in the syllabus. If you have a point by point knowledge of your syllabus, there will be nothing that can surprise you in the exam. You should print your syllabus single sided and paste it on a properly visible notice board near your study table. Once you are done with a topic/unit, you can mark it in your printed syllabus sheet. This will ensure that you are missing no part of your syllabus. Take special care of definitions. Make sure you are writing them as exactly as possible. Make a list of formulas that will be used in numerical problems.

Reverse Engineer the Solutions

Once you have gone through the syllabus, you should be at a decent understanding level. There will be still a few things that you may not be understanding but it should not be a reason to worry. You may find a few questions that you are not able to solve. But you can definitely understand their solutions from marking-scheme. If not then you should revisit the syllabus part. Think about the solution and try to reverse engineer the solution from the marking scheme. Look for similar unsolved questions and solve them on your own. You should (at least) understand what is happening in the question just by looking at it. You should prepare yourself such that you become less and less dependent on the marking scheme.

Try to deliver what is required

There are many people who interpret the syllabus, you, your teacher, the author of the textbook, the writer of the exam and the marker.

The exam writer and the exam marker are the two people who matter the most in the end. You must read the marking scheme again and again. Scrutinize it and customize your thinking like the marker and the writer. You should understand what is expected of you in the exam and deliver it. Writing answers from previous marking schemes make your delivery risk free.

Chemistry HL Past Year Papers

Our IB Chemistry Tutors suggest doing at least five full-lengths past papers under time pressure. The more you practice, the more accurate you become. There are so many types of questions that IB can ask. If you do enough questions, you will be able to understand the pattern. This will give a new level of strength to your theoretical knowledge. Overall, you will minimize the chances of you getting surprised in the final test. It is better to deal with all the uncertainty of IB before the final frontier start.

Take the Ownership 

With the help of our IB Chemistry Tutors, you can minimize your self-study time but no IB tutor can make your self-study time zero. It is a must do a factor to excel in IB Chemistry HL. Combine all your resources from text-book, IB Chemistry Tutors notes, Past papers, internet study material and make sure that you are missing nothing from your syllabus. Use all available resources and achieve your goal at any cost.

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