Online IB Tutors

IB Elite Tutor provides the best ONLINE IB TUTORS for INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (all Groups-HL, SL). Online tutoring is comparatively a new mode of delivering IB tuitions. This is very popular among our tech-savvy young generation. for taking online classes, you should have an approach to following facilities.

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►A laptop or a desktop computer  or a good tablet

►A reliable internet connection preferably 3g, 4g or wi-fi

►An Skype or a zoom account


With the help of above-mentioned tools, anyone can do online classes.Doing an online class is like a tutor sitting next to you. It’s becoming more and more popular nowadays because it provides you access to the online ib tutors throughout the globe. You can do these classes with the tutors living and working in any part of the world with the flexibility of time.  Our online IB  tutors are well trained, qualified and experienced professionals. Most of them are working with topmost IB world schools throughout the globe. All our online ib tutors are well versed with ib curriculum and they are equipped with modern day technology. Our online ib tutors help students to excel in their academics and score a perfect 7 by following ways.

►Our online IB tutors provide doubt clearing sessions to students on very short notices during exams. This provides a great support to the students during their exam time

► We provide our students with chapter wise assignments, notes and extra questions. Students can solve them and take help from their online tutors on whattsapp or schedule an online session as per their need

►We use the latest technology to make students understand their concepts. our tutors use Ppts, videos, images and many other support tools to build students’ concepts. here is a video posted as sample


►Our online IB tutors ensure quick and comprehensive revision of the whole syllabus long before the start of exams so that students can identify their weak places and remove them. this process helps a lot a to excel them in their exams

►We believe in cumulative testing. First, we take chapter end test after completion of every chapter, the unit test at the end of every unit then half syllabus test and finally full syllabus test. All these tests ensure that our students are well prepared for their exams.

►Our online IB tutors take parent’s help to ensures that every student solves at least 10 previous year papers. this will give them a fair idea about their actual exam and this will also help them to manage their time while writing their real exams

► Students can avail the facility of recorded video lectures to solve their problems in case online ib tutors aren’t available

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